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24v Dimmable Drivers

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Complete your new lighting set up with one of our 24v LED Dimmable Drivers. These handy devices are able to regulate the amount of power you use to power LED lights or lighting tape. By matching the requirements of your tape to the specifications that a 24v LED driver provides, you can ensure that your setup remains running at optimum capacity with lesser risks of blowouts and faults! 

These drivers are suited for use with 24v LED lights. It is possible to use these pieces of LED equipment to regulate the power from a standard 240w mains light switch. They are classed as constant voltage drivers as they are able to step down the power from the attached light switch to a voltage more suited to the LED lighting tape. They can also maintain the voltage required for the varying levels of brightness. 

As they are dimmable drivers, this voltage can be varied to suit the lighting setup. The ability to control the brightness of your 24v LED lighting tape can completely transform the way you use your LED lights. You can easily alter the ambience of any room at the turn of your usual wall switch! The power will truly be in your hands with dimmable LED drivers when you can simply switch up the brightness to match your mood.  

Dimmable LED 24v Driver: The Benefits 

When installed properly with LED lights, there can be many benefits to having chosen the best-LED drivers available. The main advantage of an LED driver 24v dimmable is that they can work more effectively off of a standard mains switch. This allows extra ease of installation and widens the possibilities of where you can set up and use your LED lights. Make sure to read up on the types of dimming switches below. 

As well as the ease of installation, they are plenty of other extra benefits that can be found within our range of 24v dimmable drivers. From brands such as Ecopac, you can ensure the very best performance from your new LED driver which will provide you with the following advantages.  

  • Smooth Dimming – high quality LED drivers to allow for smoother dimming as they can properly control how the LED lighting is being powered. If you're trying to create a warm ambience or smoothly warm the atmosphere in a room, then you'll love having a smooth transition between light warmth. 
  • Consistent Light Output – higher-quality and more reliable LED drivers can help to maintain the same voltage throughout use. Not only does this ensure that your lights look exactly as they should during use, it also means that they can run properly for longer.  
  • Less Chance of Flickering – a common problem found with dimmable LEDs is that they can noticeably flicker. This can be because the driver is not properly controlling the speed at which the power controlling the intensity of the LED brightness. With our branded LED drivers, you can ensure that your lighting remains flicker free and looking good. 
  • Long Lifespan – when LEDs run at the correct voltage, they can last longer as the chance of breakage and of overheating is reduced. By having a 24v Dimmable driver properly stepping down the power being put to the LED lights, you are conserving the integrity of the LEDs, making them last a whole lot longer. 
  • Within our range of dimmable drivers, you can also find equipment suited for outdoor use. This is an ideal option if you have an outdoor area you would like to be backlit. If you have patio area or poolside seating area that you want to show off, then having a LED transformer 24v that is able to withstand the wear and tear of the outdoors, you can truly expand your lighting possibilities.  

A Guide to Using 24v LED Dimmable Drivers 

The initial setup of a 24v LED driver circuit is relatively similar to your regular LED driver practices. However, as these kinds of drivers are compatible with mains dimming switches, it important to consider the specification of the switch and how it will affect your LEDs and drivers. Here is our brief guide to the two kinds of dimmer switch you may need to consider the use of when controlling the brightness of your LED lights.  

Being attaching either of these two possible dimmer switches to your 24 volts LED driver it is important to check the compatibility of your driver with the type of dimmer switch. This is simply to ensure the best running and performance.  

  • Leading Edge Dimmers - these dimmers regulate the alternating current from a power source increases in amplitude. As they are able to handle a higher power, leading edge dimmer switches are not often considered suitable for LED lighting – as multiple lower powered LED lights will need to be installed on one switch in order to make it function properly. 
  • Trailing Edge Dimmers – these dimmers have a lower minimum load than leading edge dimmers, which makes them more suited to lower powered circuits and LED setups. When it comes to LED lighting, many opt for trailing edge dimmers as they allow for smoother lighting transitions and silent running. 

In terms of your own lighting setup, both of the two types of dimmer switches have pros and cons for their use.  Whilst most LED drivers are designed to solely work with trailing edge dimmers, many of the 24v constant voltage LED drivers within our range are capable of being used in with both kinds ofa dimmer switch. This gives you even more flexibility when it comes to setting up your lighting. 

Before using and installing a LED Driver 24v make sure you fully understand specifications of both the LED lighting system you plan to setup as well as the main dimmer switch you intend to attach to. As always, if you require any advice or assistance with your planning and LED preparation, our friendly and well-informed team will be more than happy to help you with any questions.