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Picking out one of our 12v LED strip lights is just the start of your LED lighting adventure.  Here, we feature our single colour tapes, that will produce one colour during use. Choose from different whites or go for something a little more vibrant with colours such as red, blue or green. Available in a variety of lengths, you can purchase 12v LED tape to fit all kinds of projects.  

You should opt for 12v LED strips if you have a low-end wattage or a smaller lighting setup. A 12v LED driver will be able to power up to 6 metres of LED tape 12v – so you should keep this in mind when planning which kind of LED lights that you will need. Picking a voltage of LED tape not suited to your overall setup could greatly affect the performance of your lights leading to voltage drop and visual issues with the tape such as spotting and noticeable flickering. 

Not only do we provide you with the tools for LED greatness, but we offer a bespoke tailoring service. If you have specific designs in mind for your LEDs, then we invite you to send us the information. We can provide plenty of advice on how best to setup your LEDs and then we can pre-cut and solder your new 12 volts LED lights before delivering them to you. Read more on our bespoke LED cutting service below. 

12v LED Lights: Picking Your Perfect Tape 

Our 12v LED strips are so versatile they’ll fit into all kinds of environments. With lengths of up to 10m available, they’ll be no stopping even your most exciting LED plans. You can choose from a variety of different white light colours when shopping for 12v white LED strip with ArcLED. There are different kinds of white lights you can choose depending on your environment.  

Cool whites LED lights give a cleaner pure white light perfect for enhancing and brightening rooms. Warmer white lights give a more orange/yellow glow, making them ideal for cosy settings and snug setups. If you are need of extra inspiration on how to work 12v LED strip light into your home or business, then make sure to check out our LED blog, or, take a look at some of our ideas below. 

  • Emphasising Focal Points: if there's a standout or prime feature in your space, then some LED lighting could help to further emphasise its prominent place within the room. Upwards lighting around an archway, doorway or ceiling coving could easily bring more attention to your space's most aesthetically-pleasing features. 
  • Increasing the Ambiance: Backlighting your space with 12v strip LED can greatly affect the mood of the room. If you're showcasing the best room in the house, then some bright spotlights with help you show off your grandeur. Softer white lights will relax the mood, making your abode a calm and serene environment.  

Another common way to use LED lights is in your garden. If you want to take your plans into the great outdoors then make sure to check the IP rating of any strips to see if they are 12v LED strip lights waterproof or not. A rating of 65 classifies strips for outdoor use as it means they are splash proof and ready for the wears and tears of being outside. 12v outdoor LED strip lights can make awesome additions to patios, decked areas, and flowerbeds. 

Another sought-after feature in the twelve-volt range is always the flexible LED light strips 12v. The strip is bendable and curves easily. This kind of tape is ideal for odd shapes and curved corners. If you have unusually shaped signage, furniture or rounded displays, then these flexible LED strips can be the solution to all of your problems. Easy to install and produces just as good a light as the rest. 

Our LED 12v Strip Lights

With our own range of branded products, we strive to produce and provide high-quality equipment which will not only make your lighting setup look fantastic but will stand the test of time. Within our range of LED 12v strip lights, we think you’ll find all kinds of products to suit your needs. Whether its softer white colours or bright LED strips, then you can be sure to enjoy the very best LED colour performance. 

We are pleased to say that our strips have an impressive rating of 90 CRI. The colour rendering index is a scale used to rate how accurate a light source produces its promised colour. With such a good score, you can be sure to enjoy high-quality lighting from our bright LED strip lights 12v. Our light strips are even fitted with A-rated San’an LED chips from one of the largest and well-respected manufacturers in China. Our range is sure to contain some of the brightest 12v LED strip available. 

There are so many different features when it comes to 12-volt LED tape light, which is why we do our best to provide as much information as possible on all of the tiniest details. If you require any more information on any of our products, we urge you to get in touch with us. Our combined experience and knowledge of lighting cover 60 years, so we’ll be able to help with any questions. 

Please ask us for more information on our made-to-measure LED tape service, which extends to our collection of 12v strip lights. Once you have selected the best tape for your needs, we can provide you with the exact length of tape as per your requirements. Not only can we cut and solder them professionally, but we can help to pick out and install your tape in one of our own LED profiles

Once you have decided on the LED tape you need, you can use our dedicated LED lighting store to complete your 12v LED tape light kit. make sure to stop by our 12v LED Drivers or the 12v LED Dimmable Drivers section for the means to properly power your LEDs. As well as a driver, you’ll need a controller, a mounting profile or even connectors – all of these 12v LED light fixtures available from us here at our ArcLED online LED lighting shop.