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Drop some colour into your space with some vibrant and striking RGB LED tape. This type of LED light allows you to change colours adding new life and dynamism to your lighting setup. If you like your displays to be bold and bright, then you simply shouldn’t settle for a single coloured alternative. Get even more multicoloured with the huge range of colourful potential found in an RGB LED strip. Bring an added colourful flourish to spots you simply can't help but show off.  

This selection of tapes comes in both voltage options so you can choose from either 12v or 24v types when you decide on which RGB LED light strip you need. Typically, smaller projects only require 12v tapes and a driver whilst for bigger setups, we recommend using 24v tapes to help with the bigger energy requirements.  If you are unsure about which voltage of colour changing LED lights you require, then make sure to get in touch with our LED experts – they'll be more than happy to help!  

The possibilities are well and truly endless when it comes to RGB LED. The combination of red, green and blue hues can unlock a huge range of colours, making it easy to tailor the colour to the exact shade you need. Cycle through all kinds of purples, oranges, yellows, magentas and more with your very own RGB LED lights. Pick a colour to match the occasion and what’s more, you’ll be able to switch it up as often as you like! Let us tell you more about our RGB lights and some ideas for use. 

What Is RGB LED Strip? 

An RGB LED Light strip looks just like a regular kind of LED tape except it has bulbs that have the capability to cycle through the separate primary colours – Red, Green & Blue. You'd be wrong in thinking that you can only get the RGB colours out of your colour changing LEDs. With a controller, you will be able to regulate the intensity of each colour to produce a broader spectrum of colours. To add to the option, you can even install compatible dimmers with select products in our range. 

Mixing these three primary colours give your lights the option to make all kinds of colours and hues. You choose from all kinds of colours, be prepared to let your colourful creativity loose on which colours you're after. If you’re in need of LED lighting inspiration, then make sure to check out our ideas blog. Here is some unique feature of our RGB LED ribbon to help get the ideas flowing. 

  • Flexible RGB LED Lighting – with some of our flexible and bendable light tapes you’ll be going around all kinds of corners and obstacles. This makes our RGB tapes perfect for cabinet backlighting– if you really want to flaunt your very best belongings in style, then you can really smarten up your display with some vibrant coloured LED lighting.  
  • Waterproof RGB LED Lighting – with some of our LED tapes being rated IP65 you can enjoy installing your LED lights in your garden, patio or decking areas. Light up the night and take the LED fun outside with our tapes that are suited for outdoor use.  We have plenty of high-quality profiles available to further help and protect your LEDs when used outside. 
  • Digital Pixel LED Strips - the ability of these strips to flash, fade and switch between the colours creates stunning visual effects. If you have a bar, nightclub or a dancefloor in mind, then we simply can’t recommend these LED lights enough. Ideal for signage and eye-catching displays, these tapes have been named as a step towards the future of LED lighting.

We think all of our LED RGB lights are would make impressive additions to any space or room that you really want to look its best. Multicoloured backlighting is really sure to set the tone for any visually impressive architectural space. Our products are suited to all kinds of environments in LED strip lights kitchen lighting. A tape that produces multiple colours is sure to impress. 

If you have a cosier setting in mind, RGB strip light is also appropriate as mood-lighting as you can add some variation to your set up with a rainbow of additional colours from pinks to purples and oranges to yellows. We think you’ll agree that the possibilities are well and truly endless! 

Complete Your RGB LED Tape Light Kit

Make sure to fully complete your LED lighting setup with all of the additional lighting products and accessories available in our online store. With a dedicated RGB LED Tape Controller, you will be able to change the colour of the lights to suit your occasion, time of day or simply your mood! You can buy all kinds of LED drivers, connectors and even profiles to help complete your brand-new LED RGB strip lights setup. Get all your LED lighting equipment in one place when you shop with us online. 

When you shop with ArcLED, you can be sure that you’ll find all the products you need in one place. When it comes to RGB LED lights, we want to make sure you get the very best. After all, when you are looking for such bold and vivid lighting, you can be sure that all eyes will be on them – so faults like LED spotting are a big no-no for us! With each of our LED lighting strips being fitted with A grade chips and have an impeccable CRI rating of 90, you can be sure that you are getting true quality. 

We encourage all customers that shop with us to make good use of our bespoke LED services. Whilst we are more than happy to guide our customers through how to cut LED light RGB, we are able to provide lengths of LED tapes cut exactly to your needs. Not only this but we can solder and fit the tapes into profiles if requested. Our tapes come in a variety of lengths so can be tailor-made to fit all kinds of setups – no matter how big or small!