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Broaden your colour options with one of our RGW LED strips. Our range of both RGBW & RGBWW LED tapes to mean you can cycle between all the possible LED colours whilst keeping the option of a white light available. This flexibility means plenty of versatility for your light within your space as you can change the colour to fit all kinds of situations and occasions. By being able to fade through even more colours, you’ll be able to set all kinds of moods in your intended LED environment. 

RGBW LED tape is becoming a more and more popular type of LED lighting strip. As well as the standard RGB bulbs being installed on the tape, there is additional white bulb installed on the same strip. These variants come as a 24v LED strip as they require and are able to handle a higher voltage than the 12v single colour counterparts. These 24v RGBW LED strips may take more energy to power, but they do have an increased and impressive effect.  

The variants in the RGBWW LED strip to involve introducing a different colour temperature of white LED light. The additional ‘W’ on the RGBWW acronym stands for warm white LED tapes, so is effectively adding another colour option to your LED lighting options. Warm white light is at the higher end of the Kelvin and produces a more orange and yellow tone. There are some variants on this lighting setup which adds both natural and cool whites to the red, green, blue LED strips. 


All of our LED tapes are made from commercial-grade materials which promise the best performance, light-quality and longevity.  A selection of our LED lighting tapes is fitted with a new and innovative quad chip technology for an added extra feature to your RGBW LED tapes.  We are pleased to say that all of our own LED tapes produce a CRI value of 90, which is a high ranking on the scale of visible light quality. All of the lighting chips used on the LED strips are A rated. 

This is a more efficient way to achieve a white colour light from your LED lights. It can be possible for standard RGB LED lights to produce a white light, but this requires 3 bulbs being powered simultaneously. With the addition of an extra white bulb, you can achieve a white LED light by simply powering one type of bulb, rather than three. It's more efficient when considering power requirements and simply provides another lighting shade option when you have your LED strip RGBW lights up and working.  

Our RGBW LED options are available in a variety of lengths, we are sure you’ll be able to find an ideal length of LED lights to fit into a huge variety of projects. LED lightings can be cut to fit all kinds of lengths, just make sure to cut along the provided intervals else you may experience powering problems when you try to set up and complete the circuit. Here are the popular lengths of RGBW tape available. 

  • 5m RGBW LED Strip
  • 10m RGBW LED Strip 

As well as these specific lengths of tape, you can always opt for a specific length of LEDs that exactly matches your requirement. If you have an exact size in mind and want to avoid the hassle of cutting the tapes yourself, we do the legwork for you! As part of our bespoke LED service we can provide you with pre-cut LED strips – just send us the specifications and various lengths of LED tape you require. We can also solder and mount the LEDs in a profile of your choice – you simply have to ask! 

Colour Changing LED Strips from ArcLED 

We think these colour changing LED strip lights will make for a great addition to any environment. If your business relies on nightlife and standout signage, then some lighting that can switch up to any kind of LED colouring is certainly what’s in order. Around the home, coloured LED strip lights are sure to make any feature or centrepiece standout. Installation in the kitchen or main hosting room will certainly give an impressive effect. 

This additional option of a white light is a neat additional colour option as they make a distinct change from your colourful RGB bulb colours. If the evening is settling down and you want to change the ambience, some warm white LED light strips could be exactly what you need.  Cool white LEDs produce an icier blue colour, which is certainly a perfect choice for a more chilled atmosphere. 

Both outdoor and indoor, our range of lights will be suitable Even if you’re looking for waterproof LED strips some of the tapes available in our range are rated IP65 which means the LED ribbon can withstand dust and water spray. This rating doesn’t allow for full water submersion, but it does mean you start to plan how you could install your LEDs in our outdoor area, patio or decking. A large-scale outdoor RGBW setup is sure to look all kinds of amazing. 

Once you have chosen which RGBW LED strip you want to purchase, make sure to pick up all the accessories and equipment you need for a full LED lighting setup. One of the more specific pieces equipment you will want is an LED RGBW strip controller which you will be able to use to fully control your LED lights. With WiFi and radio frequency controllers available, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to which controller to pick. 

As well as a controller, make sure to find the perfect 24v driver, connectors and a profile for mounting and completing your brand new 24v RGBW LED lighting setup. Here at ArcLED, we are continuously working to make sure that we bring you all the best-LED products available, and that the level of knowledge and service we provide is the best it can be. If you have any questions or queries on RGBW LED lighting, then please make sure to get in touch with our team.