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Colour Temperature Controlled Strip

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Alter the colour warmth of your LED lights with a strip of our colour temperature LED tape. Whilst some customers shop for a single colour for their LED setup, if you want to switch up the shade of light your LEDs produce, then these tapes are exactly what you’ll need. Also known as variable white LED light strips, these products make it easy to switch between different hues and strengths of white light with ease. Don’t settle for one kind of white LED light when you can mix and match in one strip. 

Colour temperature is a characteristic of light colour measured in Kelvin (K) units on a scale. In terms of white LED lighting, it can indicate how warm or cold the white light being emitted looks to the naked eye. A broader range of Kelvin on one of our lighting strips means you can adjust the light to fit a larger range of white colours on the LED colour temperature spectrum. 

Some people believe that white light is only one colour. However, with shades ranging from cooler blue tones to warmer orange and yellow hues, you can well and truly open up possibilities when it comes to these colour changing LEDs. It is possible to completely transform a room from simply altering the colour temperature of the lighting. If your space is multi-use the make sure your lighting solutions match by ensuring it is able to cater to all kinds of situations. 

The main reason people opt for colour changing LED lights is for rooms or setups when the mood is constantly changing. If you have a multi-purpose communal area, foyer, boardroom or hosting-area you may want different tones of light to match the ambience. By installing a strip of our LED lights, you can easily switch between a whole range of different LED white light colours.  

Colour Temperature Adjustable LED Tape 

Having the option to change the colour and strength of the brightness on your LED lights can make them more multifunctional and versatile. No matter what the mood you’re in, you can easily adjust the colour to suit. If you simply can’t decide which single colour LED tape to purchase, then avoid the dilemma completely by buying LED tape that covers all of the shades of white available.  

With our LED tapes it's never been easier to get your perfect LED colour temperature. Here is the range of white colours you can expect to get from our range of colour temperature lighting. We’ve included some details on what the LED lighting colours options can do for you wherever you choose to set them up.  

  • Warm White LED Light – producing much more of an orange and yellow hue, this colour of light will certainly inject some more warmth into any environment. Some of our single colour LEDs come with ‘Very Warm’ and ‘Ultra Warm’ LED bulbs for a shade that’s a little more intense. This warmer colour is perfect for a cosier ambience or a more relaxed environment.
  • Natural White LED Light – if you want your LED lights to produce a natural and illuminating effect, then keep it natural with just one of the options available on the LED lighting tapes. Often referred to as neutral or pure whites, this shade is perfect for a subtle and simpler effect in any room of the house. 
  • Cool White LED Light - a colder and more brilliant white light, cool whites are a popular choice for kitchens, cabinets and showrooms – places where you really want to show off every detail. If you want an icy white lighting colour to illuminate you feature wall or architectural centrepiece, then there are plenty of styles and shades available in our collection of LEDs. 

Also named dual white LED tapes, these LEDs work by having two bulbs of slightly different colours mounted next to each other on the tape. By controlling if the bulbs are on solely or together you can then opt for which of the three white colours above that you want your lights to produce.  

Dependant on which diodes are turned on and by how much, the hue of the white light being produced can be altered. The brightness and intensity of the colour changing LED lighting strips are determined by how much power each diode is drawing. Through this process, it becomes possible for these lighting strips to produce colours across the whole range of the colour temperature scale.  

CCT LED Strip from ArcLED 

We strive to provide the very best LED lighting tape for our customers. If you are using our products to light your home, business or architectural space, then we want to make sure that the lights themselves, as well as the light they produce, look their very best. The temperature adjustable LED strips themselves are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of lengths. No matter what size or scale you have in mind for your LED lighting, our range is more than equipped to provide you with the exact products you need. 

As well as the tapes themselves, we are pleased to say that our products are installed with A-rated LED chips and have an impressive CRI rating of 90. Since our colour change LED lights mainly focuses around white lighting, we are sure that any product will produce a visually pleasing quality of light that you’ll be more than happy to show off to your guests or clients.  

Remember, we are always available to discuss anything LED with our customers. From lighting brightness to details on the lumens themselves, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to everything lighting. With our bespoke LED lighting service, we are able to cut and solder any tape to the exact length you require. Interested? Make sure to get in touch with us about your LED plans.  

If you’ve got your heart set on finding colour changing LEDs with remote control, then make sure to head to our LED Controllers which you can find a remote control or wall panel to help accurately control the brightness and warmth of your colour temperature LED lights