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Take full control over your LEDs with a single colour LED controller! These simple remote controls make it easier for you to alter the visual look of your LED lights at the click of a button. With both mounted light switches and wireless remotes also available, you can have all of the lighting power at your fingertips. Once you see how easy it is to use our LED controllers, you won’t want to be without one when planning and using your LED lights on a day-to-day basis. 

From using single colour LED lights to a full RGB colour setup, you’ll want to make sure you include an LED light controller in your purchase. You can enjoy dimming, brightening and controlling the power to your LED lights. Make sure to not only purchase the controller, but you’ll have to find a receiver to help with the setup. You’ll find everything you’ll need to know about setting up an LED lighting controller with our handy guide that covers the features and fixtures of all our single colour LED lighting products. 

Within our range of own-branded products, we are proud to include brands such as Halo30 alongside our own range. Promising quality and top-rated equipment, you can be assured that any LED tape controller purchased on our website will be an effective part of your lighting setup. Products in the Halo30 range makes it easy to connect the receiver to a remote, wall-mounted touch panel or Smartphone control deck. We want our customers to experience the very best in LED lighting which is why we ensure that only the best products and well-known brands are available for purchase. 

Single LED Controllers & Remotes 

If you’re new to LED lighting, it may be overwhelming deciding on all the kinds of products you will need for a successful LED setup. After deciding on your LED tape, drivers and the profile, choosing your perfect LED remote control should be a fun and easy task. You can simply select the controller most suited to the LED tape and to your needs. If you have a single colour LED tape, then be sure to check out the following options below: 

  • Wall Mounted LED Controllers - if you want to finish your LED lighting setup in real style, then mounting a wall switch for your LEDs could be the fixture that you are looking for. It’ll blend in with your new well-lit environment. As many of the controllers are wall-mounted and on display, we ensure that we have the best-looking wall switches going! Most switches are panel-based, so are finished with a glass-covered user-friendly interface. 
  • Remote Controlled LEDs – wireless LED remote controls are becoming more and more popular as it allows you to adjust your LEDs from a range of distances. If you have a larger setup or are constantly moving around your LED environment, then being able to control your lights from anywhere is a considerable benefit. Read more about our WiFi and Radio Frequency controllers below. 

One of the most exciting products in our range has to be the products which allow you to create WiFi LED controllers. With a slick linking module installed, you can easily connect your LED lighting system to as many different devices as you please. To setup, you simply need to download a free app and follow the steps for setup. With the ability to control everything with your smartphone or tablet, you can change the lighting all from your WiFi LED controller app

In a similar fashion to these WiFi controllers, our range of remote controls and wall switches make it possible to set predefined ‘scenes’ where you can save your favourite light brightness and intensities to easily switch back to at a later time. With a lot of these wireless LED controller systems, you can sync multiple types of controllers and devices in order to replicate your favourite settings and moods. This is a perfect tool to help maintain your lighting preference and keep them looking how you like it best.  

LED Strip Light Controllers 

Multichannel devices are able to control all kinds of LED tape. However, it's not as simple as picking up a remote control and pointing at your freshly installed LED tape. As well as the controller itself, a receiver is one of the essential parts of the LED controller setup. A receiver is a device that is attached to the LED circuit itself and is positioned in order to help regulate the voltage being transferred to the LED light strip. The receiver can be wired or wirelessly connector to the controller. 

The beauty of using products from brands such as Halo is that they have the ability to connect with all kinds of products from different brands can easily link. Synchronising the LED light remote and receiver is as easy as clicking a button. It makes the process easier knowing that a receiver bought from us will connect to all kinds of physical controllers. You can be assured that the receiver/controller can easily be setup up in a flash, leaving the options open for the installation of additional receivers should it be required. When using one of our RF controllers, you don’t even have to be in the same room to make the changes. The same goes for some of the multi-zone options we have available - you’ll be able to control the lights from another room entirely. 

By being able to connect the LED strip to the controller, it essentially gives you the ability to adjust facets such as the colour temperature, brightness and light intensity. In a single colour LED setup, it, of course, makes it possible to turn the lights on and off, but there are plenty more options and features available in the rest of our colour LED controller range.