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There are plenty of options available when it comes to our RGB LED controllers. Specifically designed to run with RGB lighting tape our wireless and wired controller options make it easy to control your LED lights. Easy to install and even easier to use, an RGB LED light controller will complete your LED setup and will affect how you use the lights on a day-to-day basis. Here is our full guide to our LED remotes which features products from our own brand and from the Halo30 selection.

In order to successfully set up an LED controller for lights, you will need a receiver installed into the light circuit itself. This enables the controller to regulate the voltage being passed into the light strip, In an RGB circuit you will need a receiver and a controller designed specifically to alter the colour of LED lights. You’ll be pleased to hear that our featured LED light kits include both the receiver and the controller required to alter and control the power of the lights. With easy installation and even easier control settings, you’ll have no problems slotting one of our controllers into your LED setup.

Convenience is key when it comes to our RGB LEDs controllers. The ability to instantly change the colour of your lights from your phone is one you won’t want to be without. With tools such as linking modules and wireless receivers, you can easily set up your smartphone or device to control your LED lights. Whether it's dimming, changing the colour or simply turning them on and off, there are plenty of benefits to having an RGB LED tape controller properly installed. 

LED Remote Controls

When you first look an LED strip light controller it may seem daunting to see so many buttons and dials. We see this as a positive as more buttons mean more features and even more ways to alter and change your LED lights! With one tap of a button or screen you could completely change the look of your room. Here are some of the features available from the LED controllers in our range:

  • Dimming - smooth dimming is key to how we rate the visual performance of our LEDs. A high-quality controller can ensure smooth transitions between the colours available from your RGB lighting colour options meaning gorgeously sophisticated effects.
  • Colour Change – flick between all kinds of exciting RGB controllers with controllers featuring colour wheels and colour palettes. Transform the look of your lights from pretty pinks to cool blues in an instant with one of our dedicated controllers.
  • Scene Setting – found a colour or brightness you want to save for later? Some of our remotes feature settings that allow you to rediscover the preferred look of your lights again and again. Check out the remote-control specifications for more information.

Some of our sophisticated LED controllers are able to control the LED in multiple zones. By simply connecting to multiples receivers on separate systems, you can easily manage lights in different rooms or across your establishment. Want to sync the colour tone and dimmed level across your building? You can do just that with one of our multi-zone controllers! You won’t want to go through the hassle of a setting up an RGB LED controller DIY once you’ve seen our range. 

Another neat feature of our RGB LED light controllers is their flexibility across lighting types. We have already mentioned their ability to control multiple zones. However, you can also control multiple types of LED tapes across these zones. The ability to control all your LED lights, whether they be just Colour Temperature, RGB or single colour means that the power is well and truly in your hands.

Coloured LED Controllers

One of the most popular ways to control LED lights is by wireless means. It makes it a whole lot easier to control your LEDs from a separate remote controller – or even your phone. When it comes to picking how you would like to wirelessly control your LEDs, the first stage is always to choose the receiver. These RF (radio frequency) receivers can link to your controlling device making light work of any efforts to change the colour of the lighting.

You’ll love having a wirelessly controlled LED lighting system. With remotes that can work up to 50 metres away, you can be in control wherever you are. If you’re a host or events manager and you need to change the LEDs to match the mood, then a quick and easy-to-use remote is going to be exactly what you need. Don’t forget that you can also opt for an RGB LED controller wall plate which would you can still 

As well as our own brand of RGB controllers, we are pleased to stock other well-renowned and trusted brands such as Halo30. Their range of LED lighting controllers makes for fantastic additions to any lighting setup. Their ease of use and their simple functionality will certainly enhance any customers experience with LED which is why, much like our own products, we will keep recommending them again and again.

We would also be amiss not to mention some of our new and exciting Zigbee products which allow for whole new ways of RGB light control. As well as wireless and smartphone control, some of these Zigbee products interact with smart home automation devices allowing you to alter your RGB lights like never before. Set up is simple and you’ll be surprised at how many of our products are compatible.

We are pleased to boast a whole wealth of knowledge when it comes to LED lighting, and this well and truly extends to our knowledge on LED strip controllers. If you have any questions regarding which kind of controller you should or could be used then please make sure to get in touch. As part of our bespoke LED lighting service, we can give all kinds of advice and recommendations on everything from the smallest LED controller to the largest lengths of LED tape.