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If you are looking for the ability to smoothly transition between your LED colours, then you can’t go wrong with one of our RGBW LED controllers. With many of our ArcLED products to hand, you can easily switch between colours with smooth and slick transitions. No matter whether you’re looking to illuminate a living area or personalize your home environment, all it takes is the press of a button or the swish of a dial when it comes to our LED controllers. When you have RGBW LED strip installed, the colour possibilities are endless. Make sure you can smoothly slide through all the colours available with a high-quality controller. 

A standard wireless controller setup is composed of both a receiver and a controller. The receiver is connected to the same circuit as the LED lights whilst the LED controller can come as either a mounted wall switch or remote for ease of use. With one of our controller kits, you will receive both parts all set up and ready to go. Afraid that the setup might be too complicated? Don’t worry! Installation is easy with one of ArcLED’s lighting guides to hand. Simple join the receiver to the circuit and then wirelessly link to your new LED lighting controller, it couldn’t be easier. 

Do you only have a receiver but are looking want a controller to match? If so, you can easily link up your receiver to one of our multi-channel and multipurpose controllers. Specially designed to easily connect to an array of products from different brands, our versatile colour lighting controllers are sure to help make switching between shades easy. From more clarification on what items our Universal devices connect to, make sure to check out the specification included with every product. 

Our LED Colour Controllers 

You may think that with four colours to juggle between on an RGBW LED strip the controllers may be big, cumbersome and hard to use, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! With our range of remote controls and wall switches, we think you’ll find it's never been easier to take full control of your LED lights. With simple commands and easy-to-use remote controls, you’ll be able to switch between colours, dim the lights, and even switch between various colour temperatures in no time! A great way to create a welcoming and truly personalised space within your own home, here are some of the most notable features you’ll find in our LED light strip controllers

Another popular feature that controllers allow is that you can set your preferences and determine exact scenes with ease. Whilst we understand that you’ve probably installed RGBW lighting for increased variation in your lighting setup, it’s natural to have preferred settings and effects. If you have discovered a particularly perfect lighting setup, then it's simple to save the settings for later use. If your space is used for multiple occasions or events, then this handy feature makes it possible for the already versatile lighting to match the ambience of your special occasion. No matter your personal taste or favourite shade, RGBW coloured lighting offers a tone for everyone. 

It’s never been easier to switch between different colour modes with your own LED controller. Many of our LED RGBW controllers have the option to separately control the white light functions. If you want a colour fade, or a dynamic colour changing system then one of our easy-to-use controllers can make this happen.  

RGBW Wall Controllers & Remotes 

Wall switches are becoming an increasingly common way to control LED lighting in the home, as they are often preferred to halogen bulbs. If your LED lights now a permanent fixture in your home, then you’ll be wanting an LED controller that matches. We have RGB LED controller wall plates in our LED controller range which are designed to help you effortlessly control your LED lights. With the possibility of multi-zone control over both RGB and RGBW lights, this is a great option for an LED controller. 

Most of our wireless remotes are controlled via infra-red or radio wave frequency connectivity. The radio frequency LED controllers are often more popular as they boast longer ranges allowing users to gain more control across longer distances. This even means that users can alter their LED lighting from alternative rooms in their house without having to leave the comfort of their couch! Not only do our controllers have simple to use and click action buttons, but some are fitted with colour wheel selectors, allowing users to simply drag their finger around the dial to the colour they desire. If a shade isn’t quite capturing your mood, then why not alter it slightly with a flick of your finger? It’s that easy. 

Another increasingly popular type of controller is LED RGBW controller wifi. This enables you to use your very own smartphone or smart device to remotely change the settings of your LED lighting. Products including our Halo30 WiFi Linking module allow for you to easily connect up the receiver to your phone using your home or office Wi-Fi system. Compatible with free-to-use apps, we think you’ll love taking control of your lights via all kinds of RGBW wifi controllers. We’re passionate about our customers having the best experience with their LED lights and think this extra feature can help you do just that! What’s more, this remote accessing allows users to change and alter their LED lighting without physically being present in the room they desire to illuminate. 

As always, make sure to get in touch with us via our ‘Contact Us’ page for more information on LED controllers, profiles, connectors, and on the tapes themselves. We have a wealth of expertise when it comes to LED lighting and is always looking to improve each customer’s knowledge and our own ArcLED experience.