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You'll find plenty of surface mount LED profiles in our range. They're one of the simpler and more straightforward ways of fixing your LED strips to your wall, floor or fixture. All of the products that you'll find here are our own brand, so you can be sure that each one has been tried, tested and is of the highest quality. These LED profiles come in all shapes and sizes so you can be sure to find something to fit your lighting needs! 

These surface-mounted lighting profiles all feature channels where you can simply feed through your LED lights. Not only can they protect the LEDs, but they can hide away any wires or workings that you don't want to be displayed. With all of our profiles, there's a definitive sleek finish that we think will be right at home in all kinds of LED lighting setups. A smooth and metallic finish to your LED wall mount could be exactly the finishing touch that you're looking for.  

You can shop a huge variety of sizes when it comes to our collection LED mount profiles. There are plenty of lengths and widths to choose from; so whatever tape you opt for, you can be certain that we have a profile to match. If require a specific length, make sure to get in touch, as we can assist with your specifications and your plans. Or, if you'd rather do it yourself, then its more than easy to cut these profiles to the length you require. 

Wall Mounted LED Profiles 

We are pleased to provide our customers with the very best LED products, which is why you can be sure to enjoy a long life out of any of the products we stock. One of our more popular styles of a profile is an LED aluminium profile. These fittings will not only keep the LED tape safe and secure, but its material and construction ensure a long-lasting and high-quality product. The aluminium used in making these profiles is anodised which means it remains resistant to corrosion, rust and damage during use.  

As well as our flat LED profiles, you can find a huge variety of profile types including both angled and shaped ones, that make it a whole lot easier to install your wall mounted LED lights into a corner. The shaped profile will fit snugly into any true corner, opening up more possibilities on how you can display your LED lights. Installation is just as easy as a straight profile and you will have all the same options when it comes to colour, size and material.  

More specific shaped right-angled profiles are perfect for lining the corners of a room or tucking-in along the meet of the wall and the floor. You can opt for a straight finish or curved outer – the choice is well and truly yours! Take a closer look at some of our more specialised profiles here: 

  • Bendable LED Profiles – work seamlessly around bends and obstacles with an LED profile that can bend. This flexible and lightweight profile will make for a handy tool in your lights. There's no stopping your unique LED setup with this in your equipment.  
  • Stair Nosing LED Profile – if are looking to downlight your staircase, then these profiles are ideal. The will snugly onto the stair, with the LED light pointing downwards to the stair below. The LED strip itself is covered so it is not visible as you ascending your glowing staircase! 
  • Wall Washer LED Profiles - Another one of our more popular choices of LED profile, a wall-washer diffuses the light from the LEDs to give a soft and smooth illumination across a wall. This type of profile makes it simple to backlight a wall or make an impressive feature. 
  • Architrave LED Profiles – for a supremely elegant and tidy finish, we can’t recommend this curved LED profile enough. The perfect extrusion to easily run the length of your room whilst ensuring the LED lighting is spread beautifully with less chance of spotting and shadows. 

We think you’ll agree that the possibilities are well and truly endless when it comes to how you could go about mounting LEDs on your walls. We’re confident to say that any type of LED profile included in our collection is sure to look fantastic in your LED lighting setup. If you're looking for examples of how the flat LED profiles wil look when installed then we have plenty of examples and real-life examples in our portfolio.

ArcLED’s LED Mounting Profiles 

We like to keep it simple when it comes to our surface mounted profile colours. With only a few simple colours of LED wall profiles available – White, Silver, Black and Brown – we're sure you'll be able to find the bespoke and tidy finish that you have been looking for. If you require a specific colour coating to your LED profile, we can powder coat your profile and provide you with your product within 7 days. 

You have a few options to choose from when you finally decide on which LED wall profile works for you. Make sure to add an LED diffuser cover to your basket before your purchase, as you'll want one of these to cover the lights in your LED profile. Our two primary options are a see-through diffuser or an opal finish. Which diffuser you choose is up to you; the opal finish creates a warmer more ambient finish whilst the transparent option lets your LEDs shine brightly for a more striking effect. 

There are many other add-ons to select when it comes to purchasing your LED profile channel. This includes easy-to-forget essentials such as the end caps for the profile. These will easily fit onto the end of the profile with one having a hole for the wiring to pass through. The caps, alongside the wall mount and brackets, will make installation a whole lot easier. Being the same brand, buying these compatible products ensures that everything will fit and will go as planned. It should be noted that any profile caps purchased will be colour-matched to the LED profile