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Our recessed LED profiles are perfect for those wanting a bespoke and streamlined finish. Designed to be flush and tucked away into the wall, these types of profiles are perfect for a subtle finish. Our range of low profile LED recessed lighting is sure to please in terms of aesthetics, practicality and ease of installation. We are dedicated to ensuring you get all the equipment you need for your bespoke lighting setup, which we think is reflected in the variety of LED lighting profiles we offer. 

Our LED profiles for lighting come with all kinds of shapes and sizes. Whilst all of the channels featured here are designed specifically to be built into a wall, ceiling or floor, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have unique shapes and qualities to cater to different situations. You can opt for different widths and depths to cater to the LED strip light you have chosen and to suit the space where you are installing the lights and the LED profile channel

As well as helping with the light strips themselves, we can help to bring you the exact profile you'll need for your new setup. If you have a specific length of space that you are working to, then please let us know – it's part of our service to size your LEDs and their LED profile strips to your exact needs.  Whilst you can buy and cut your own profiles from our 2m length ones available, we are readily able to provide you with ready cut profiles in no time at all. Simply get in touch with us regarding your specifications and we'll be more than happy help. 

Recessed LED Strip Lighting 

We're pleased to say that our LED profiles are made from high-quality aluminium. Not only does this look sleek and sophisticated to the eye, but it also ensures that the product will last. The anodised metal will be resistant to corrosion and rust ensuring that they can stand the test of time, as well as basic wear and tear. An LED profile aluminium comes highly recommended and you won’t want to be without them. Not only are they up for the job, but the metallic edge gives a high-quality and sophisticated finish.  

A popular use for our recessed profiles are as LED ceiling light profiles - a perfect place for these kinds of profiles is the ceiling, as the finished visual effect can appear to be more of a natural and built-in light source. With the products available here at ArcLED, it’s simple to acquire your very own LED ceiling light, the difference here being that you can literally install it into the roof!  Here are the different kinds of recessed profiles available in our online store: 

  • LED Floor Profiles – these streamlined and low-rise profiles are designed specifically to be used between flooring panels and boards. The profile durable and sturdy, so it can, therefore, withstand the weight of footsteps. An ideal lighting solution in pubs and clubs, especially along corridors and for well and truly lighting up the dancefloor!
  • LED Tile Joint Profiles – with built in additional recesses, these profiles can fit easily between flooring tiles for the ultimate finish. These profiles come in a variety of lengths so can be installed across a wider space with ease. Brighten up any room or increase the wow-factor of your space with a profile that will fit seamlessly into your floor.
  • Waterproof LED Profiles – some of our recessed profiles are classed as waterproof, which makes them suitable for installation in a larger variety of areas. This is made possible by some of our knock-in diffusers are able to form a waterproof seal when attached. This makes them suitable for LEDs being installed on walls where there may be a risk of moisture damage. Make sure to check our waterproof LED profiles section for more information.  

With their standard 'U' shape and upper tabs, these profiles are specifically designed to slot in alongside panels, boards and tiling. You can achieve a truly bespoke finish by making it seem like the LEDs are built for purpose and can meld into their environment. They are plenty of profiles with varying widths and lengths, meaning that you can easily find a match to the space you intend to brighten up! Make sure to take tape width and exact length when purchasing your LED recessed profile

LED Profile Features & Installation 

As well as the channel itself is a high-quality and sturdy frame for the LED light strip. The diffusers installed on our strips are also up to the job of properly displaying your LED lighting. Our heavy-duty diffusers are particularly handy when it comes to recessed LED profiles as they offer additional protection and a seamless finish to the low-profile LED.  If you’ve invested time and effort into your LED lighting then make sure they are protected and secured once they are installed. 

Not only can they help to further protect your LED lights, but our diffusers help with the spreading of light and the completed visual aesthetic. We want your new LED flush ceiling lights to look as gorgeous as possible, which is why we ensure that the installed diffusers aid the light in filling the room and showing off its highlights. With a lesser chance of spotting and shadowing, you can’t go wrong with one of our recessed low profile LED strips

Our recessed profiles come in a simple yet stylish range of colours. We particularly love the silver coated colouring, as it gives a sleek and sharp finish to your LED lighting. You can also opt for black or white colourations for an equally impressive finish. If you have a more specific shade or style of a profile in mind for your own LED lights, then please get in touch with us. We’re all about adding plenty of options to your lighting potential, so if there’s any way we can help make your bespoke LED lighting even more unique, then let us know!