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Our range of DMX LED controllers are primarily designed for bigger lighting projects. DMX, alongside Dali, LED controllers to have the ability to control more LED at once. This makes them a popular choice when paired with one of our high-quality DMX controllers LED. These handy devices act as a receiver which, when paired with the correct kind of remote control or lighting panel, can open up a wealth of possibilities as to what you can do with your LED lights. 

Digital Addressable Lighting Interfaces (DALI), a similar type of device, are another example of an LED light dimmer. A Dali system also is a perfect choice for bigger projects as it can successful control and regulate the power given to LED lights on a wider scale than some of its other counterparts. These setups have been known to be used of full side-of-building light projects, but Dali lighting control is still a useful and potential way for you to control the LED bulbs in your home. 

As already mentioned, these kinds of devices certainly benefit larger scales. You’ll find that DMX controller are often used in stage lighting and theatre productions. This is because as well their ability to control multiple zones, these types of LED light controllers can, in most cases, offer a greater range of LED functionality. From dimming to scenes, colour temperature to mood-setting, they’ll be no stopping you once you’ve taken full control of your LED lights with a DMX controller.  

Dimming LED Lights with DMX/Dali 

Often called DMX decoders, the signal used to control the LEDs is called DMX 512 as the controller can used to control up to 512 separate channels. The DMX controllers in our range are compatible for use will all kinds of LED tape including the RGB and RGBW types. Within our own range of products, you’ll be pleased to know that both the DMX RGB controllers are compatible with many kinds of the LED light tapes we stock.  

Before purchasing an DMX LED controller, it is important to know how many channels you wish to control. For example, a single colour LED tape would only require one channel to power whilst RGB/RGBW tapes will require three or four ports to cater for the additional colours. It is also vital to check the wattage of the tapes when compared with the controller as it can overload if too much power is passed through it.    

As with all kinds of LED lighting setup, a DMX system works with a controller and a receiver. You’ll be pleased to know that our DMX RGB controllers can operate with many different systems, making a more versatile and multi-functional piece of lighting equipment. Here are the ways that our DMX to SPI converters can work solo or connected to other DMX decoders

  • DMX Mode – it can be simple to connect the devices to a fully compliant DMX interface. Ideal for bigger and more complicated setups, if you are going all out for a largescale or multi-zone setup, then we can’t recommend this kind of LED controller enough.
  • Standalone Devices – the converter can also act as its own controller, boasting 32 possible lighting modes. A perfect device if you want to control your LEDs without the use of a remote control or the installation of a wall switch.
  • Radio Frequency Connection - by making use of this devices’ ability to connect via RF, you can connect them to your smartphone with absolute ease. With simple to setup WiFi ports and devices, you can easily link up the converter to a remote control, or even a wall switch. 

One of the more common domestic and office-based uses for LED DMX controllers is for the smooth and consistent dimming of LED lights. Having the ability to dim LED lights can have a huge impact on where they are setup as they can unlock plenty of design potential. With one of these receivers and controllers included in your setup you can really make the most of having dimmable LEDs. It’s never been so easy to completely switch up the ambiance of the environment. 

Dali Dimmers & More

We are pleased to stock DALI controller trademarked devices which offer multi-channel functionality across a larger variety of devices. These innovative products not only assist in the powering and controlling of lighting systems, but it can help to power the systems correctly preserving the life of the LEDs and ensuring optimum efficiency. For more details and for DALI lighting explained, make sure to get in touch with our team of experts. 

You can be sure that you’re purchasing some of the best dimmer switches for LED lights when you shop online with ArcLED. We are proud to offer some of our own-branded products alongside some of the most reliable LED lighting brands on the market. Our products have been tried and tested to ensure that they are up-to-scratch and ready-for-use. From the smallest DMX RGB controller to our longest lengths of LED tape, you can be sure you are getting the very best products from us. 

We are a UK based business with a dedication to providing our customers with the very best LED lighting supplies alongside a first-class customer service. If you should have questions or queries regarding DMX/Dali controllers then please do not hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Us page. Our friendly in-house team have a wealth of experience when it comes to lighting and will be more than happy to help. Please get in touch for more details about our bespoke LED lighting service.