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A striking and specialist kind of way to display your lighting is with a suspended LED profile. If you want to hang your lights from the ceiling, archway or even over a table, then make sure to check out this kind of hanging LED profiles. Our range really widens the possibilities of where you could install the LED lights. Here is our guide to our own range of specialised suspended LED profiles and how you could go about installing them in your chosen environment. 

If you’ve always wanted to fit LED suspended ceiling lights into your home or business, then you’ve come to the right place! Our products make it a simple to have this kind of specialist lighting installed. Even if you’re a beginner to LED lighting, then we think you’ll find our own range of LED profiles will be easy-to-use and to get working. Hanging LED lights will make for a strong and visually striking centrepiece for any room – it’s certainly a fixture you’ll want to consider having in your own installation. 

Whether it’s hanging LED kitchen lights or even suspended office lighting, we are sure that our range of profiles will cater to your every need. Our entire range of LED profiles is centred around our own-branded products, so you can be sure you are receiving a product that has been tried and tested before use. No matter what environment you choose to install your LED lights in you can be sure that they will not only protect the LED light strips but will look fantastic.  

Suspended LED Strip Lighting 

Let’s go a little more into detail about what our range of suspended LED lighting options entails. These profiles can be attached to one of our very own suspension kits or mounted using the wall brackets available for purchase on our website. By making our products more versatile, we ensure that we cater to a larger variety of projects, as well as not putting a limit on how creative you can go. 

When you’re looking for LED suspended ceiling lights, you’ll want to know all the details about our products. We’re pleased to say that all of our profiles, channels and extrusions have features that really set them apart from the rest. As you’ll be hanging these specialised lighting products in your own homes (and sometimes above your head), you’ll want them to be to up-to-scratch and suitable for use. Here are some of the key features regarding our suspended LED lights

  • Anodised Aluminium Profiles – as with many styles of LED profiles that we manufacture, they are made from high-quality aluminium. By being anodized, it is ensured that the extrusion does not rust or degrade over time. It is essential for us that customer not only receive products that look good but ones that will stand the test of time and look great for a whole lot longer. Shop ArcLED for some of the best aluminium LED profiles on the market.
  • High-Quality Light Diffusers – all of our lighting profiles are installed with diffusers, which often slide over or clip into the profile itself. These panels, often made of polycarbonate complete the channel by hiding all the inner-workings of the LED strip setup. Additionally, the type of diffuser you choose to opt for can affect how the light appears visually.
  • Shaped LED Profiles – as well as a standard flat/straight LED profile, we also have rounded profiles for an alternative effect. If you have even more shapes and styles in mind for your LED lighting then make sure to see our linkable LED profiles. The ability to link your profiles successfully can avoid unsightly joins and allow for even more cool and creative designs. 

If you have a specific design planned for your lighting, then you should know that we are not only are we LED lighting suppliers, but we also offer a bespoke LED service which means we can provide you with not only the LED tapes but the LED profile cut exactly to size. Some of our own-branded suspended LED profiles are available in lengths of up to 2m. However, with our handy custom-made LED service, you can get lengths cut to your exact needs.  

Not only can you install our products into walls, ceilings and furniture but you can have your LEDs fitted as suspended lights. This opens up even more ways to display your lighting. If you are in need of extra design and fitting inspiration then make sure to check out our social media for images and links to successful LED projects made from ArcLED materials. We’ll always be happy to show you our ever-growing portfolio of suspended light setups if it helps you to plan your own. 

LED Light Hanging Kit 

Customers should note that the light fitting suspension kit is sold separately as an add-on kit. With adjustable cords and hanging mounts available you’ll be able to have your new LEDs set up in no time. As the cords are adjustable, it means you can hang your lighting at the perfect height to suit your space. It can sometimes be difficult to get the suspended lighting right, which is why are always here to help with any queries on the light fitting. 

As a bespoke LED supplier, we will always make sure to stock all kinds of products to complete your LED lighting kit. This extends from full rolls of LED tape to the smallest of LED connectors. When it comes to our profiles, you can also pick up end caps and additional ways of mounting the channels for an extra additional fee. We have plenty of LED lighting wall mounts available if you want an alternative from suspension cables. 

Based in the South West of the UK, ArcLED work tirelessly to bring our customer the very best products and an equally as good service.  If you require more guidance and advice on how to get started with the installation of the suspended profile, then please get in touch with us via our Contact Us form.