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Adjust the warmth of your LED lights with an LED colour temperature controller. These specific types of LED remote controls can make it a lot easier to cycle through the different temperature of colours you can get from a colour temperature LED tape setup. A controller is an essential part of an LED lighting setup as it means you can be in full control of your LEDs and how they look in the room. Tailor your lights to all kinds of needs with an adjustable white LED strip controller. 

Colour temperature LED lighting works by mounting two diodes next to each other on a tape. By having the lights on at different times, or even being on simultaneously, you can enjoy a whole wealth of white shades from the colour spectrum. Typically, white light temperatures range from warm to cool but you can be assured that there are lots of different shades in between that you can discover. Whatever the situation, location or mood you’ll be sure that there’s a colour of white to match. 

The beauty of having both a colour changing temperature tape and a controller is that you can constantly change the colour of your LED lights to fit your mood at any time of the day. Warm up the colour of your lights during those relaxing moments and maybe drop to a cooler colour when the sun goes down at the end of the day. The choice of colour is completely up to you – take full control with our very own LED controller from ArcLED! Here is our guide and overview to CCT LED controllers, how they work and how you can put your own to good use. 

Control Your LED Colour Temperature 

The LED CCT controllers work by regulating the power to the diodes in the LED tape. Unlike regular single colour and RGB tapes, in a colour temperature LED tape a cooler and warmer LED bulb are placed next to each other on the LED ribbon strip. In order to correctly adjust the brightness and warmth of these diodes, a more specialised LED controller needs to be used. Our range of controllers is more than capable of helping the smooth and efficient running of your new LED lights. 

With an included signal receiver, it means the CCT strips can easily have their colours altered across their range of potential colours. With one of our products, it’ll be easy to adjust your LED bulb colour temperature. It’ll be useful if you’ve had the lights set to a warmer and more yellow shade for the majority of the day, maybe you’ll want to switch up to a more cool and chilled setting for the rest of the evening? We’ve got it covered with our versatile LED controllers, where you can easily adjust the brightness of your lights to suit your needs.  

The key factors to look for in an LED lighting controller is simplicity to install and ease of use. With our range of simple yet effective controllers, you’ll be able to control the brightness and temperature of your new lighting set up with no problems. Once you’ve experienced how easy it is to control the LEDs, you won’t want to be without one of our CCT LED controller sets! Pick one up alongside one of the new LED lighting tapes available in our dedicated online LED store.  

Our remote controls come with plenty of handy features and capabilities to help you with the control of your LED lights. Some of our controllers feature a touch colour circle which allows for smooth and simple transitions between the colours. Not only does the widen the colour possibilities, but it means you can simply change up the look of the lights at the swish of your finger. If you find a specific colour temperature you enjoy, then your wireless LED remote can help you set up your own scenes. This simply means you can come back to your best looks again and again. 

Colour Changing LED Strip Lights with Remote 

Not only do we provide you with a huge range of products to help you with LED lighting, but we strive to give you full control over how you want your LEDs to look in your home, business or venue. If you choose to provide us with your exact LED specifications and plans, we can make sure that the products you receive are cut and tailored to the exact size you need. It’s all part of the tailored and bespoke LED service we offer – make sure to Contact Us for more information, or simply forward us you planning ideas and specifications. 

Setting up your LED controller should be an easy task – even for LED beginners! Our LED temperature control sets come with a controller and a receiver that should be installed within the circuit between the power supply/driver and the LED tape itself. After installing the receiver or decoder into the LED circuit itself, all you need to do is sync up the controller. One easy click of a button makes it even easier for the controller or the remote control to interact with the LEDs. You will be altering their colour temperature at the click of a button in no time. 

If you require any assistance with your CCT LED controller then make sure to get in touch with us. We have plenty of LED knowledge that we would be more than happy to share with our customers and clients. There are additional guides and instructions on everything from installation to troubleshooting so you certainly won’t get tangled up with your new wireless LED controller. For even more LED controllers, make sure to check out our entire range which includes everything from Single Colour LED remotes to DMX LED controllers