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Another popular kind of LED lighting profile is a waterproof LED profile. Perfect for defending your LEDs from moisture and dampness, these profiles simply clip and seal-in the LED tape and its components. This waterproof sealed LED profile is perfect for LEDs being placed on or along walls, ceilings and floors where there is a risk of damp ingress.  

Keep your LEDs safe from water and moisture with one of our high-quality waterproof LED profiles. With LED setups beings intricate and delicate installations, you don’t want everything ruined by a damp fixture. Our range of water resistant LED profiles provide all the same features as other products in our profile range, this extra protection widens the possibilities of where the LEDs can be placed. 

In order to provide the best quality products, we make sure they are made from top quality materials. Although plastic LED profiles are viable option for mounting LEDs, we are pleased to say that our waterproof mounting options are made from high-grade aluminium. This primarily offers strength and stability when mounting the LEDs. As well as this, the material is treated to reduce the chance of rust and degradation. As aluminium profile LED suppliers we make sure that our profiles are certainly made to stand the test of time! 

Waterproof LED Profiles: Ideas for Installation 

Whilst this range of waterproof LED strip protectors will protect your lenses from moisture and damp, this doesn’t make them submergible and suited for the great outdoors! Our waterproof profiles protect the LED tapes from low-levels of moisture, making them suitable for damp areas. These profiles may make ideal options for kitchen projects or anywhere where splashes and spills could be an issue. Our range makes it possible to find LED profiles for all kinds of locations. 

You can plan all kinds of LED setups with the long two metre lengths on our long LED profiles. The lengths can whole walls or corridors without unsightly joins and connectors adding it together. With the extra lengths, you can also cut the profiles to size, making them ideal if you have an intricately shaped area in mind for you LEDs. With additional lengths and the waterproofed nature of these LED lighting channels you lighting setup can be bigger and better than ever before. 

The waterproof profiles are fitted with the same high-quality diffusers as a standard feature. These knock-in diffusers are what makes the LED profile sealed. With a satisfying and watertight lighting channel fit, these diffusers mean you don’t have to avoid damp walls or areas when it comes to planning your LED installation. If you have external or bare brick walls, these LED channels will be perfect for you. Don’t let a bit of water ruin your big spectacular plans for LED lighting. 

These diffusers not only ensure the waterproof seal but keep help to dissipate the light across the room.  If the LEDs are being featured on the main feature wall of your home or business, then you’ll want the lighting to be vibrant and bold. Our waterproof LED diffusers to ensure the lights look their very best during use. Some of our products are installed with overlapping diffusers, which means the light is delivered right to the edge of the LED profile. 

Since some of our waterproof LED profiles are classed as ‘recessed’ profiles, it means that they can fit snugly in between floor tiling or panels. The bevelled trim will make for a trimmed flush mount with a high-quality finish. This makes them the perfect option for the kitchen floors or even a dancefloor! The strong design will keep the light protected whilst being underfoot. To view more of our recessed LED profiles, we recommend checking out our dedicated Recessed Profiles section. 

LED Profiles from ArcLED 

Our range of own-branded profiles is up there with some of the best on the market. The high-quality finish and construction not only serves a purpose in their practicality but in their own aesthetic appeal. The shine on the aluminium LED profile will make these profiles fit right into any well-finished LED setup. The waterproofing features are just an added bonus that makes it possible to install your LEDs in all kinds of locations. 

You can easily add on end caps to your purchase with our compatible products tab. These cover the ends of the waterproof LED channels and will not only aid the waterproofing of the profile but will cover the ends hiding any wiring and finishing off the LED look. We’ve made sure we’ve thought of everything for what you’ll need for LED lighting setup – which is why we stock everything from the LED tapes themselves to the smallest of accessories. 

If you are unsure about which kind of splashproof LED profile would be best suited to your setup, then we recommend getting in touch with our team of in-house experts. Here at ArcLED, we have many a wealth of experience with LED lighting so can provide you with all kinds of advice on which products are best for you. Unsure of how to go about installation? We’ll be more than happy to help with tips on how to install an LED profile and get it working alongside your LED lighting tape. All you need to do is get in touch with us via our Contact Us page. 

Our bespoke and tailored LED service not only means you can get made-to-measure LED lighting but you can get recommendations and guidance based on your own specifications and plans. If you are able to send us your design plans, we can easily help walk you through whether or not you will need a dampproof LED profile and which one will make for the best fit.

In addition to this service, if you purchase pre-cut tape from us, our services make it possible for you to have the profile of your choice cut to the same size. With the exact size of profile and tape already setup, you’ll simply have the last stages of installation to complete yourself. LED lighting is easy when you shop with ArcLED.