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Accessorise your Levello downlights with some LED lighting accessories. Levello have thought of everything when it comes to finding new products that can both assist with light installation and customisation. For a smaller additional price, you can pick up plenty of lighting add-ons and extras that can make your Levello lighting experience a whole lot better. Here are some of the products that you will be wanting to pick up alongside your next Levello lighting purchase:

  • LED Plates
  • LED Baffles
  • LED Holesaws
  • LED Downlight Magnets

Each product may seem small, but each can have a great effect on the final look of your Levello lights and how you use them. We have gone into further detail for each product type and what they are useful for, so you can know exactly what you are buying and how you can put these pieces of LED equipment to good use in your LED lighting setup. 

If you haven’t already, we recommend viewing our extensive range of Levello lighting products. Not only will be impressed by the range downlights on offer, but you will also get the opportunity to see just what of these accessories are used for. This range of Levello accessories comes highly recommended as they promise a high-quality finish as well as a great lighting finish. 

LED Light Plate Accessories

The shape of the beam and trajectory of light from each LED downlight can be controlled and adjusted by the shape of the LED light plate that is installed in it. With some of the additional LED light plates available you can alter how your lights will look once installed. Compatible with all kinds of Levello downlights available in our range, these downlight plates are an inexpensive add-on that can have a big effect on the final look of your LED lighting. 

There are various shapes and styles available of plates. The most common styles include a standard round LED plate, an alternative obround shape and a simple all-round shape. Each can help to alter the beam shape and angle from your LED lights. This can make the lights more focused, perfect if you want to illuminate a specific spot or location. The LED plates are easy to install and some are primed and ready for painting so you can easily alter the colour of this ready-to-go LED accessory.

As an additional feature, you may have noted that some of our LED downlight plates are IP65 rated. This makes them ideal additions to LED downlights that you may have purchased to be suitable in moisture-heavy and damp environments. This can make a lot easier to change the shape of your downlight plate in your LED downlights that are situated across all kinds of environments in your house.

Baffle LED Downlight Accessories

LED baffles are circular fixtures that fit inside an LED downlight. It is one of the few elements visible in the down light fitting itself. By being able to change the baffle in your LED light, you are able to alter the ways in which the light is directed. A baffle visually pushes the light source further inside the LED downlight structure. So, you can adjust the angle and direction of the main beam of light being produced. Downlight baffles can reduce the amount of glare produced from the LED bulb as they cover the bulb (the main source of light) meaning it is not as visible to the human eye. 

It may surprise you that such a small accessory can make such a big difference from your lighting setup. This inexpensive accessory from Levello will certainly give you greater control of how you want your downlights to illuminate the room. We have both white and black baffles available for purchase which are compatible for use with the Levello deep downlights. Each design suits a different kind of downlights such as tilt or recessed downlighting. Make sure to check the full baffle LED lighting specifications to ensure that you are receiving the correct product to match your new type of lighting.

You can opt for many different kinds of baffles from our selection of Levello lighting accessories. Baffles can be installed easily in your new lighting setup but can also be an add-on to current lighting setups where you want to change the angles and effect of the lighting. 

Downlight Holesaw Sets

If you are looking to install you LED downlights properly into plasterboard, you are going to want a Levello hole saw to make that task a whole lot easier. This helpful device is shaped exactly the correct downlight hole saw size for the lighting that we stock. With the handy tool, you can easily cut a hole to exactly fit in your brand new Levello lighting. 

Since we are all about precision and bespoke LED lighting finishes here at ArcLED, we strongly recommend picking up accessories like these to help you when installing your new Levello lighting setup. Forget the hard work of measuring and having to sort the exact fit. This LED accessory makes cutting holes a simple task. The high-end finish of our products can only be complemented further with a clean-cut finish.

The hole saws themselves are made from high-quality steel that will last and withstand the wear and tear of many installations. We’re always looking to make your installation experience of our products a whole lot easier, so have made sure that products such as these Levello accessories are made available for purchase. Even if you are new to LED lighting, there are plenty of products and additional information on hand to make your downlight installation a simple one!

If you have any questions on how to best install your new lighting products, or simply want a point in the right direction when it comes to LED lighting guidance then know that you can always contact our team for even more information. As well as providing you with guidance for your own bespoke LED lighting accessories they will be able to sort you a quote for all your custom product needs.