Directional Downlights

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Our range of directional LED downlights is ideal if you’re looking for bespoke LED lighting solutions. It’s more than easy to include these lights in a huge variety of installations in the home or in your business venue. Our range of standout angled LED downlights come from Levello; one of the most trusted names in the UK lighting industry. In their products, and their downlighting, you can be sure to find reliable LED lighting products that are functional, easy-to-use and produce a high standard lighting. 

With these directional downlights, you can easily install and angle your LED spotlights to point in all kinds of directions. This is particularly ideal if you want to emphasize or enhance a feature or area of your home. If you are a looking to install these LED lights into your business or retail environment, then an adjustable LED downlight can help you to emphasize the focal points of your sales pieces and improving the look of any high-end store. Improve the look of your point of sale stands and top of the range products with gorgeous white lights. 

You’ll be pleased to hear that our range of Levello downlights is packed with all kinds of features that cover everything from ease-of-installation, fire safety to light quality and finished design. All of these specifications make them suitable for all kinds of lighting projects from bathroom adjustable downlights to installation around the home. Once you’ve heard everything about this range of Levello lighting, we’re sure you’ll be thinking of plenty of ways to put them to good use. There are many considerations taken into account when it comes to these lights, and we think safety is an aspect that should be prioritized. 

LED Fire Rated Downlights 

One of the most important features from this range of lights from Levello includes a high-quality range of fire rated LED downlights. This feature of our downlights helps to aid the safety and fireproofing aspects of your home. If there are holes and recesses built into ceilings for lighting purposes, it can be troublesome in the event of a fire as the downlight of the hole can allow free space in which the fire to spread. Fire rated downlight regulations recommend these lights for use in all kinds of ceiling installations to reduce risks and maintain lighting safety. 

The LED downlights fire rated work by sealing the ceiling hole, reducing the speed at which a fire can spread. The lights can function in different ways but some more modern models can swell at higher temperatures to help block the opening. There are different values of fire rating which should be installed at different points of a building dependent on its layout and structure. We’re pleased to offer these fire rated down lights as part of our range as they offer safety and peace of mind. Don’t compromise and make sure to pick up these up-to-standard fixtures. 

If you are new to lighting and need more clarification on what this kind of lighting does then we’re always happy to help. Don’t get stuck searching for ‘what are fire-rated downlights?’ when we have a team of LED lighting experts ready to help with your questions. With plenty of years' experience with all kinds of lighting and appliances, we’ll be able to guide you through all kinds of LED lighting. You can send us a message on our Contact Us page for any questions regarding lighting or quotes on our bespoke lighting service for LED tape, light tracks, and even outdoor lighting. 

Adjustable LED Downlights

The ability to angle these lights is, of course, an important and unique feature from this type of lighting. You can enjoy the flexibility of 360 degree and tilted angles of 30 degrees. Each type of downwards light has different types of plates and fittings designed to alter the channel of light. The lights themselves work to reduce glare and narrow the spread of light, making them perfect as LED spotlights. As we have stated above this makes them perfect for adding emphasis and prominence to the focal points in your room. Show off your assets with the best when you fit GU10 bulbs into these downlights. 

As well as the holder for the GU10 bulb, each of these downlight fittings is completed with Simplefix connectors for simple and satisfying connection. As well as being able to purchase our single downlights, you can also find full sets in our store so you can have everything you need ready for a swift installation. Some may think that installation may be more difficult with this built-in style of downlights. We have plenty of guidance and ideas available for those unsure of how to install downlights. Even if it's your first-time installing these lights yourself, we’ll be able to provide step-by-step guidance for success. 

Beyond installation and use, Levello have also considered the visual aspects of the light fitting. The primed metal finish is yet another feature that makes these lights an even more flexible installation. This finish onto the light fixture allows you to easily paint onto its surface, meaning that you don’t need to shop around for the colour of LED downlight lighting fitting to match. If you have plans or colour schemes to match, then our team is more than equipped to give suggestions and guidance for which kind of lighting colour and fixture designs will look best in your environment.  

We want your make your LED lighting experience as customisable as possible, which is why we ensure to stock products that offer flexible use and variety of installation possibilities that can help a larger range of customers. Here at ArcLED, we’re sure that these LED adjustable downlights will certainly be able to point your lighting projects in all kinds of directions. If you want to see these lights in action, then make sure to check out our LED blog dedicated to styling and featuring plenty of previous projects. You could even follow us on social media for plenty of gorgeous examples of just how good downlighting can look.