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U-Connect is a new range of simple-to-use products that includes LED motion sensors and other handy pieces of apparatus. All products featured here are designed to aid the linking up of all the devices required to help power and set up your LED lights. We want to ensure that your LED installation is a simple and painless experience, and we firmly believe that this range of light sensors, extensions and splitters can help you to achieve just that! The range includes devices such as LED drivers and connector cable that not only serve their purpose and function in your setup but will be easy to install.  

Boasting plenty of top quality and durable products, our U-Connect range may be broad but all of its products are unified in the sense that all of them work together to ensure a stress-free and simple LED lighting setup. All of the products offer an appealing LED plug in and play aspect which can ensure that will make the initial setup feel like a breeze. It’s never been easier to purchase and install your own bespoke LED lighting in your own home. 

LED Motion Sensors from U-Connect

LED motion sensors are devices that feature in LED light circuits. They allow the light strips to turn on and off through movement and detection of the light’s surroundings. With specialised connectors, they can easily be installed into all kinds of lighting setups. They are often installed between the LED light strips themselves and the LED driver/transformer. 

LED sensors make for popular installations in furniture and cupboard lighting. If you have an impressive and bespoke piece of furniture to show off, it could easily be made that little bit better with some LED light sensors. The infra-red sensors will be able to control your LED lights to light up your cupboards when opened. This could be the best way to show off your brand-new kitchen or illuminate all of your favourite collectibles and paraphernalia stored in display cabinets. 

For those that like their lists, here are some of the best and most impressive features that you’ll find in our range of U-Connect light sensors. 

  • Infra-Red Utilities – most of the U-Connect sensors work through IR transmission. This makes setting up and controlling your LED lighting a whole lot easier. Some products, like the door mounted sensors, will control your LED lightings judging on whether the infrared signal is blocked or not, meaning you can easy illuminate opened cupboards for an impressive effect.
  • Ensure A Professional Finish – with the slimline design of these high-quality sensors and extensions, you can ensure that your LED lighting setup fits seamlessly into its surroundings. The smaller size and snug finish make these perfect for installation in cupboards, cabinets and hidden discretely in your shelving setup - no matter how small!
  • Solderless Connections – the way these devices are set up means that you can join the cables and LED tapes to devices with easy to use clips. If you are new to LED lighting then this is the perfect way to avoid the hassle of soldering your LED connections. With secure and reliable connections, you can enjoy the ease of simply clipping your LED circuit together. 

We are sure these appealing features will ensure a smooth and successful experience with this range of motion sensor lights. The only thing left for you to do is to try out these motion sensors for yourself! 

LED Drivers from U-Connect 

The selection of LED Drivers from this U-Connect range is sure to impress. If you are looking to incorporate LED lights into a project or latest creation then these devices will be perfect for you. An LED driver is an essential part of a lighting system which is why we ensure that you have plenty of options available to you to buy. Our range from U-Connect contains both 12v and 24v LED Drivers. 

Some of the U-Connect LED drivers offer an impressive six ports which can each be linked to their own individual LED lighting channels. These U-Connect multiports LED drivers are stocked alongside our impressive range of LED drivers and transformers which you can look at in its entirety here. 

Building Your U-Connect LED Kit 

We think that U-Connect excels in offering a definite ease of use for all kinds of customers from LED beginners to light experts. The simple clip connectors and easy-to-power units will make these U-Connect products a quick and slick addition to your LED setup. Rest assured that this range covers everything and anything you could need to aid the use of your new LED sensors. Additional products include: 

  • LED Connector Cables – easily join all your devices, drivers, tapes and sensors with cables designed for a variety of uses. Longer lengths available for bigger lighting projects.
  • LED Extension Splitters – allow multiple strips and channels in your LED circuits to a connector to one power source with these handy power splitters – available with up to six ports!
  • LED Tape Adaptors – a simple accessory allows the LED strips to be connected to wiring easily. Suitable for all kinds of a tape and therefore a must-have in any bespoke LED project. 

U-Connect most certainly covers everything you need for your next motion sensor LED lighting project. This range of products fits perfectly alongside our bespoke LED lighting products and services as it offers yet another way for our clients to utilise LED lights. We are all about innovation and new technologies when it comes to LED lighting and we believe that these products can certainly take us another step further in advancing our LED lighting services.  

As always, ArcLED is dedicated to bringing customers a top-quality range of lighting products which is why we are proud to also offer U-Connect in our online LED store. Not only do we offer great products and utilities to our clientele but we always work hard to ensure a great customer service. If you are in need of additional inspiration and advice on how you can make motion sensors work for you, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have plenty of ideas and advice available – both creative and technical.