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LED track lighting is a new and innovative way to get LED lighting into your home, business or venue. This specialised type of lighting allows you to install LED spotlights along tracks that can be mounted or suspended. This bespoke lighting solution offers a huge amount of flexibility as you can decide not only the length of the track but also the number of spotlights you wish to install. Our range of LED track lighting systems ensures both quality and ease of installation.  

This range of domestic track lighting from ArcLED includes everything you will need for a successful setup. With the spotlights, tracks, connectors, wires and mounting kits all in one place, you’ll be glad that you stopped by at ArcLED for LED track lights! We’re here to not only provide you with the best products for your lighting needs, but we also want to make sure you’re clued up on everything you need to know. Here is our guide to our ArcLED track lighting range and how to get started with these lights. 

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Firstly, in order to start building your LED track light kit, you’ll need an overview of what each product type has to offer. As well the LED track lights themselves, you’ll want all of the equipment necessary to install the lights them get them working! We’re here to help you every step of the way, so let’s take a look at your ingredients for a perfect LED light set and then learn a little more about ArcLED’s products. 

  1. LED Track Lights 
  2. LED Lighting Track 
  3. LED Mounting Kits 
  4. LED Lighting Accessories 

Firstly, let’s cover all you need to know about each individual LED track light. One of the more noticeable visual features of these lights is the ability to tilt and angle the beam of light projection. This adds even more flexibility to your setup as you can decide the orientation of the lights even after they have been installed. Producing gorgeous natural white light, these track lights are sure to brighten up your environment. As well as the light quality, these lamps are made from high-quality aluminium to ensure longevity and durability. Once installed, these lights will certainly stand the test of time. 

In a similar fashion to our LED profiles, the LED lighting tracks are made to help install and present your lighting setup. These channels make it possible to discretely wire the LED track lights while opening up a huge range of possibilities for designs and installation. Available in a variety of lengths, you can choose predetermined sizes or cut your tracks to match your specifications. There are also different colours available to make it easier for you exactly match your needs. Make sure to check how many LED luminaires can be installed per run before finalising any of your LED plans.  

You have the ability to both mount and suspend the tracking light systems available from ArcLED. Mounting this kind of light from the ceiling or wall is made possible with clamps and mounting brackets. Our LED clamps come in a range of colours so you can purchase the exact colour match for your environment. We recommend purchasing three clamps for two metre runs of track or sticking to the rule of 2 clamps per one metre run.  

However, your LED mounting options do not end there! If you would rather have hanging LED lights, then suspended these tracks is also an option. You’ll find that each and every one of our suspension kits is kitted out with wiring and clips required to safely hang your lighting. This opens more possibilities and options when it comes to where and how you can install your track lighting. We’ll be happy to provide you with tips and guidance when it comes to how to properly hang your track lights. 

LED Track Light Accessories 

We’ve made sure to think of everything when it comes to accessories for LED track lights. As well as the installation systems above, we have plenty of products that you didn’t even know you needed! Each will help you to connect your track lights and get them working. We highly recommend picking up these high-quality products when you shop track lighting online with ArcLED. 

One of the most useful and somewhat essential devices that you’ll want to pick up is an LED connector for track lighting. These products join up the lengths of LED track and enable the current/power to be successfully transferred through. If you want longer lengths of LED track or more interesting shapes, then you’ll want to be adding one of the following products to your basket.  

  • LED Straight Connector – perfect for joining up lengths of long LED track lights. 
  • LED Adjustable Connector – ideal for angles, corners and making perpendicular lengths. 
  • LED Flexible Connector – what you’ll need for unnatural bends and more tricky corner joins. 

There are also options of LED track connectors that are for installations both in and out of grid setups. This type of connector makes it possible to link up even more tracks of LED lighting for even more exciting setups. Within grid installations, you can connect multiple tracks without the need for setting up multiple power sources and/or switches. 

  • LED Track X Connector – join up 4 tracks for an intersection join, ideal for larger setups. 
  • LED Track L Connector – useful for create in-grid corners, compatible with all kinds of track. 
  • LED Track T Connector – connect three tracks for in and outside grid. Available in three colours. 

Once you’ve fully built your LED track light kit all that’s left is to plan your installation. Need some inspiration and assistance? ArcLED has a team full of LED experts who can help you with everything from what devices you will need to which temperature of light will best suit your environment. From kitchen track lighting to bathrooms and living spaces we’ll be able to help you out whatever your track lighting enquiry!