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An integral part of our track lighting range is, of course, the LED spotlights themselves. Track lights are a popular style of LED light installation and they offer flexibility, style, and an impressive finished effect. As you stock up on all of the equipment you need for a successful track light setup, you’ll want to know about the spotlights themselves. Each comes with different features and requirements that may alter the way you choose to set up the LED spot lights and how they will look when finished.  

These track spotlights are a great choice if you are aiming to use them for display purposes. The LED spotlight fittings can create strong and brilliant beams of light perfect for enhancing and illuminating focal points. If you have paintings, sculptures or a top-quality range of products to show off, then these bright white LED spots are sure to help emphasize their best bits. If you have a retail space or shop floor where you are looking to make your products look even better, then you’re sure to want a spotlight from our range.

Before we go into more detail, let’s take a quick look at some of the key features you’ll want to know about when it comes to our range of Arc LED spot lights

  • Available in both 24W and 40W styles 
  • Compatible with our entire range of track lighting 
  • Produces clean and natural 4000K light 
  • Able to rotate and be re-angled dependent on your needs 
  • Impressive 5-year warranty 

If these features haven’t already convinced you as to the quality and reliability of our lights then fear not – below is an overview of what our range of LED track spotlights includes and more on the key features. 

LED Spotlights From ArcLED 

Each LED spotlight is sure to help add that little something extra to wherever you install them. Our range of lights and sure to be right at home in all kinds of modern and stylish interiors. The clean white finish on many of our spotlights is sure to add a crisp and clean touch to any lighting setup. From business to LED spotlights for home, you could install these around your home in the kitchen or anywhere that you want to improve the look of. 

These lights are a flexible choice, as you can not only modify track lighting to truly unique designs, but you can also rotate and angle the lights to your heart’s desire. The lights can tilt and rotate if required just to make sure you can achieve the most perfect orientation. As the positioning is by no means set in stone, you can easily adjust and move the focus of the LED spot lighting to suit your environment or ever-changing retail space. We firmly believe that these lights can become a staple part of any retail setup and can be used for all kinds of displays, shop fronts and promotional point of sale features. 

Of course, when it comes to lighting it is important to consider the quality of the light produced. We ensure that our products produce a stunning light quality of light that you will be happy to install in your home. At ArcLED, only the very best will do when it comes to lighting, which is why we make sure that light quality is apparent in all of our light product – from LED tape to spotlights! Some of our track lights come with a 4000K colour temperature. This produces a brilliant natural white light which is ideal for creating features and clearly showing off what is being illuminated. 

As well as our dedication to light quality, we ensure that our products are the best they can be. We are confident enough in this to give our products, including our track spotlights, a massive 5-year warranty for extra peace of mind. With an estimated 50,000 hours of operating time, you can be sure that you are purchasing a reliable light source that’ll function as it should for many years to come. Once you’ve set up your lights and have seen the impressive effects, you’ll be installing these lights in every project you have planned! 

Our LED spotlight fittings are made from high-quality aluminium to ensure that they withstand the test of time once installed. Any purchase of an ArcLED product is sure to be a worthy investment that you’ll love showing off and putting to good use. 

Lights For Track Lighting Systems 

Here at ArcLED, we ensure that you not only get one part of the equipment needed for your lighting projects but that all of the required products are all available under one roof. If you’ve found the perfect professional LED spotlight then don’t forget the rest of the equipment you’ll need for a full track lighting setup. We’re sure that you’ll love our track lighting as much as the lights themselves. There are plenty of items available to pick from when it comes to all the lighting track available. The possibilities are well and truly endless when it comes to track lighting.  

The track and the mini LED spotlights are integral to any domestic track lighting project, but there are plenty of accessories and extras that you may not know you needed. Once you’ve picked up a new LED interior spotlight you should make sure not to forget all the additional fixtures and fittings such as mounting kits, clamps, and connectors. We want your spotlights to look and perform at their very best and have therefore provided all the accessories required to do just that. 

As always, we are here to lend a hand or any lighting advice for customers looking to use our products. Our team has a wealth of lighting experience that they can implement on anything from lighting specifications to which temperature of white light will look best in your kitchen. If you’re in need of track lighting inspiration, then make sure to head over to our blog for more ideas or check us out on social media – we're always sharing images of successes customers have had with our ranges of products.