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Introducing our LED track lighting systems – your new favourite and flexible way to light up your home. Our ArcLED track light range includes everything you’ll need to have your very own bespoke lighting setup. They may be a popular option for retailers, but there are plenty of ways that you can use these lights within your home. Once you’ve seen the high-end finish and gorgeous light quality, you’ll be planning on where to next install all kinds of LED track light systems

We’ve made sure that you have all the equipment required for any domestic track lighting or even a commercial track lighting setup. From the track itself to the joiners and connectors – you'll be sure to have everything all laid out in one place. Start with the track itself and then add additional products to slowly pick up everything you need. Here are some of the LED track lighting components on offer and we’ve included some extra information on what they can do for you. 

  • LED Lighting Track – our own-branded tracks will be the backbone of any successful track lighting system. They are made from high-quality materials for a strong support and a luxury finish. 
  • LED Joiners - complete longer lengths with joiners and live feed connectors that can help to link everything up together. An inexpensive yet essential part of an LED track system.
  • LED Track Mounts - one you have the lights, you’ll want to mount them. Our tracks are able to suspended or surface mounted – so we’ve made sure we’ve provided the fixtures to match! 

Equipped with each of these LED track lighting products, there will be no stopping your next lighting setup. Our track lights LED is comprised of a huge range of high-quality products that you will be proud to install in your home environment.  With the straight-line track installed you’ll be able to install an adjacent string of lights that you can point in every direction. If you’re all about high-quality finishes, then we think products like the LED track lighting black will certainly help to complete your look. 

LED Track Lighting Kits UK 

As part of the ArcLED range, these tracks are designed to fully integrates with all the other products available. The tracks are there to hold the LED spotlights and to help protect and hide the wiring required to make the lights work. The track is also the way in which the lights are mounted; either by suspension or surface mounting. As you can see, these tracks are integral to the track light system, so they need to be high end and reliable products.  

  • Suspended Track Lighting - with a suspension kit to hand, you can hang your LED light track. Perfect for high-rise ceilings where low lighting is preferable. Read on for more details on how to best hang LED tracks and what our suspension kits are comprised of.
  • Recessed Track Lighting – a perfect solution is you want to embed the lighting track into the environment. Ideal for new builds where you may want the track can be installed into plasterboard.
  • Surface Mounted Track Lighting – using clamps, you can easily attach the lighting track to a surface. There are plenty of options available, you simply need to find the right clamp to suit your needs. 

One of the more important features of our tracks is the ability to cut them to length. As with many other LED products in our range, our lighting tracks are bespoke. You can easily cut them to any size you require making sure they fit perfectly either in straight line tracks or in grids and more complex setups. We’re all about helping each customer get tailored and custom-made products into their projects and our fixed lighting tracks help to do just that! 

Our ArcLED tracks are also finished to look their best. Unlike some more subtle LED lighting solutions, track lights have most of the apparatus and fixtures on show. This means they have to high-quality finish to ensure they look stylish and modern in all kinds of environments. As well as a clean and high-end finish, you can also opt to have our tracks in three different colours: white, black or silver. White track lighting is often preferable as it can give high-end or a more clinical look. Each different colour can give an alternative visual effect including industrial and bespoke finishes. The colour choice is up to you! 

Track Lighting Systems UK 

Suspension kits open up the possibility for all kinds of hanging LED lights. Suspending track lighting can seem a daunting task, but once you’ve seen the final effect we’re sure you’ll be pleased to have gone through all the extra effort. Once you’ve got to grips with how to best hang the LED tracks, they’ll be no stopping your installation plans whether that be simple straight-line tracks or more complex grid setups. Our suspension kits are comprised of the suspension cable, joiners and some kind of mounting clamp. Please see each product description for more exact details. 

Despite the fact that you can easily install long, uninterrupted lengths of straight LED track, you will still have the need for connectors. Our connectors come in a variety of shapes to fit all kinds of track system ideas. The simple connection is compatible with all the types of track available in our range so you’ll have no problems setting up and bringing your LED track light plans to life. The connectors can help you take the track around corners, formulate grids and complete all kinds of shapes. You can opt for simple connectors or live-feed connectors that can join tracks and continue the circuit. 

If you’re new to track systems and are in need of some guidance and support on what you need – then we’re here to help! Using our contact us form, you can easily send us questions and ideas for whichever LED systems you’re considering using.  

If you are planning an LED track light system, then we highly recommend checking out our range of track spotlights to complete the setup!