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Let us introduce our range of own-branded LED linear lighting. Our ‘Smeaton’ lighting is suited for all kinds of domestic and retail applications, so is certainly a flexible lighting solution. The linear lighting components are comprised of aluminium modules typical shaped in longer panels in hold a longer strip of LED lights. The wider plating on these panels helps to emit a larger amount of light to fill any room; which makes it ideal for larger spaces and environments. When it comes to our linear lighting solutions, the question is, where do you want to install your new linear lights? 

Typically, large industrial and commercial spaces are illuminated with low-hanging long halogen tubes. Linear lighting systems are a lighting option for the modern age, creating an equally comparable light source with more advantages in terms of efficiency and longevity. These lights will not only illuminate vast spaces but will make a great addition to all kinds of domestic, commercial, educational and hospitality-focused environments - the possibilities are endless with this type of lighting. Explore all the details of our range and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect lights for you. 

We think you’ll love our range of linear LED lighting. With so many features and possible applications for this type of lighting, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration. One thing is for sure, once you’ve heard all about just how good these lights are, we’re sure that you’ll be looking to install them into your next project. Make sure to light your space with the best lighting products available. You can shop with ArcLED knowing that you are purchasing some of the best LED linear lights out there. 

Linear Lighting Solutions from ArcLED  

The modern and high-end effect makes this type of LED lighting an increasingly popular choice of architectural LED lighting. The lighting can fit seamlessly into all kinds of environments, the clean aluminium finish will certainly give a high-end look. With the choice of both black and white finishes, you can really ensure that you are getting the best fixtures for your environment. For more of an idea on how these lights could look in your setup, make sure to check out our blog - it’s full of images and inspiration of how you could use a whole range of our products. 

There are also plenty of additional features on our range of linear lighting fixtures that you’ll certainly want to know about. We’ve made sure these lights have all kinds of neat additions and extras to make them even more compatible for installation in a large range of environments. We've made sure to detail everything you need to know about some of the features you’ll want to consider when planning what’s needed for your own LED linear lighting systems. These specifications, as well as available add-ons, will ensure that you have everything you need for your next lighting project. 

One of the most useful and somewhat essential factors of our LED linear light boxes is that they are IP20 rated. This doesn’t quite make them suitable as outdoor linear lighting; this IP rating makes these linear lights suitable for use in mildly damp environments or locations where there is potential for increased moisture. With a larger proportion of our products having this rating, you can certainly enjoy having more flexibility on where they can be installed. Please check the suitability of your bathrooms and wet rooms for this kind of lighting installation. 

Features of Our Smeaton Linear LED 

Steering your ideas back indoors, there is plenty of flexibility when it comes to how you can install one of our LED Smeaton lights. With kits and tools required for fitting your own lights, they’ll be no stopping you once you have all of your equipment. 

  • Suspended Linear LED Lighting - a common site in open-plan retail spaces and on shop floors. It’s an ideal way to really show-off your retail space. Make sure to pick up one of our hanging kits if you want to attach the lights via wiring or suspension cables. This is a popular option for these lights in more open spaces and locations with higher ceilings.
  • Recessed Linear LED Lighting - it’s equally as simple to surface mount these linear lighting panels. The Smeaton light boxes can snugly fit onto all kinds of surfaces producing the same width and quality of light as if they were suspended. With both RGB and white light variants available, you can have all kinds of colours and light temperatures installed in this fashion. 

We always make sure you have everything you need for a successful LED installation – and that extends to our own range of LED linear lights. If you’re only just starting to shop around for the linear lights, bear in mind that these are some of the additional added extras available for purchase which are compatible with all of our Smeaton products. 

  • DALI/Dimmable Options – these variant powering options are a perfect way to set up your linear lights with dimming functionality. If you are using our lights for a domestic installation, you may not always want the lights on full power, so dimming can open up options.
  • Corner, Cross & T Connectors – you can join up and connect your LED linear lights to create all kinds of shapes and designs to suit your environment. No matter the shape and scale of your plans, we are sure that connectors can truly improve the scope on your lighting plans. 

As LED linear lighting manufacturers, we’re always working to bring you the very best lighting products. Our Smeaton range will not only the stand the test of time once installed, but it will create all kinds of bright and beautiful lighting that’ll you’ll be all too proud to show off! Across our online LED shop, we’re sure you’ll find all kinds of top-quality lighting products. We’re all about bringing you the best options in bespoke lighting and that spans all the way from LED strips to full linear lighting.