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For the ultimate finish and bespoke feel, we recommend taking a look at our plaster in LED downlights. The design and styling on these downlights make it possible to achieve a seamless lighting finish. These downlights have limited exterior tabs and can be easily be plastered around once installed removing the sight of unnecessary visible fittings. Embedding lighting into walls and ceilings is one of the best kinds of finish, so we certainly recommend considering the possibility of having your very own plaster wall light or even ceiling plans.

The only thing better than a high-quality lighting fitting is a high-quality finish around it. This style of lighting comprises of shallow recessed lighting fixtures with fitting tabs and borders being made easy to hide behind surrounding plasterboard. If you are re-fitting a kitchen, re-plastering a ceiling or starting afresh in your retail space then you’re going to want to know more about our own-branded range of plaster in downlights and how you could go about achieving an incredible high-end finish. 

Want to see more about our plaster-in lights in action? Our LED lighting blog is full with styling ideas as well as examples of previous work and customer light usage. Our blog on previous plaster-in projects is sure to give you some styling inspiration as it focuses on kitchen lighting, stairwell designs and Velux ceiling light installations. These types of plaster wall light have the potential to be used in all sorts of locations; domestic or commercial.

Plaster In LED Downlights

These lights are sure to create an impressive quality of light. The adjustable nature of many plaster LED lights makes them perfect for retail spaces and shop floors where you really want to emphasise your displays and features. There’s no reason why restaurants and venues couldn’t consider a plaster-in lighting type. Once you’ve seen how good these lights look in action, you’ll be planning how you can put them to good use. Know that we’re here to help with any lighting plans, no matter how bold!

For the best lighting finish from your LED plaster down lights, we recommend pairing with a compatible Lumanor GU10 bulb. Ensure that the bulb you select from our Lumanor range is compatible with the specification of the downlight you have selected. This bulb promises a brilliant finish that, when paired with our own LED downlights, will greatly improve the look of your environment. See our dedicated Lumanor GU10 range for the best bulbs we have available.

As well as ensuring that our lights are visually stunning and impressive, there are plenty of other features in our plaster ceiling lights worth noting. Most importantly is that the safety aspects are all covered. Many of our LED downlights are fire-rated, meaning that in the unfortunate event of a fire that the light fixture helps to prevent it spread by correctly sealing the void it is fitted into. This note only gives you peace of mind, but it can be considered a requirement in certain installation types.

There are also plenty of features in place to help our customers and clients out with specification. Through the use of an allen key, you can make these LEDs into shallow downlights. By having this reduced depth on the light fixture, makes it a whole lot easier to install them into all kinds of locations. If you have a shallow void where you intend to set up your lights, or are simply tight on space, it’ll be much easier to deal with a more streamlined and snug light fitting. 

Trimless LED Downlights UK

For the ultimate finish, look no further that our own-branded range of trimless LED downlights. This set of downlighting is a perfect way to complete any stylish or sophisticated environment. Have your light fittings effortlessly blend into the ceilings or walls like never before. As well as our standard rounded downlights we have some square downlights where the bulb and light head are recessed inside the fixture. This style is currently available in one, two and three head variations.

We have a few variations on our trimless recessed downlights. You can choose fixtures with different numbers of spotlights. For the most illuminative effect, we of course recommend the three fixture trimless light, but there’s nothing wrong with installing a multiple number of single spotlights for an equally impressive finish.  All three variations on this product come with the compatible wiring connectors necessary for a high-end yet simple installation finish.

These trimless downlights have plenty of features that make them the perfect choice when it comes to commercial installations. The adjustable head on the lights themselves make it easier to angle the direction of the light being produced – an ideal way to bring all the attention to your products. If you have a particular point-of-sale stand or a popular window display then you can easily emphasise these to full effect with your own LED trimless lights

If you are looking the same high-end plaster finish on our LED lighting strips then make sure to check out our range of plaster in LED extrusions. Our own-branded range of plaster in LED channels make it easy to hide away the inner workings of your lighting setup. With the end finish making it look as though the lights are part of the wall, its simple to sit back and enjoy the amount of gorgeous light being produced. We’re all about getting you that distinct finish with your LED lighting, and the plaster in finish is sure to give your installation the edge. 

If you still need convincing on some of the reasons for going the extra effort for a plaster in lighting finish, then make sure to check out our blog and social media channels. We are always delighted to share images from previous projects where customers have used our products. The plastered in LEDs always have an impressive effect that looks fantastic in all kinds of installations. If you were on the fence regarding this installation type, we’re sure our images of the finished effect will persuade you!