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Welcome to our LED lighting brands page. We’ve made sure to stock a range of high-quality and reliable brands so our clients can enjoy the best lighting available. It’s all too easy to find a lighting brand to trust when it comes to our product selection. When you shop one of the brands of lighting we stock, you’re sure to be pleased with the lighting results when your installation is complete.

Here are some quick links to the LED light brands that we currently stock. We are continually adding new branded products to our site so expect our list to be ever-changing with new additions and exciting new products. These brands include some of the best and innovative lighting companies that you’ll find in the current lighting industry:

We are always welcoming new and exciting lighting brands to our online LED store. With more innovative brands included, we can give our customers access to products that allow for even more ways to enhance their bespoke LED lighting setup. More brands equal more variety of products that can be used for all kinds of domestic, retail and industrial purposes. Each brand can help you achieve the perfect LED light setup that you’ve been looking for. See more on each dedicated branded LED range.

Shop by Brand at ArcLED

We’ve made sure to not only stock reliable LED brands, but to stock brands that bring you the best-finished effect for your lighting. You’ll find all kinds of branded products available from the vast range of Levello downlighting accessories to the gorgeous GU10 lightbulbs from Lumanor. Here is a little more detail and information about the brands we currently stock for our customers: 

  • Levello – this brand adds a huge range of LED downlights to our online shop. This downlight brand provides a variety of lighting types that’ll look stylish wherever you choose to install them. Levello not only brings you the lights themselves but all the additional accessories and equipment you could need for not only a smooth setup but also a high-quality bespoke finish. Suited for all kinds of environments, Levello lighting is sure to find a place in your home.
  • U-Connect – as well as a plethora of impressive LED lighting equipment, this brand’s unique product range of motion sensors, is what will give your setup a bespoke feel. The IR sensors are perfect for LEDs fitted within cupboards or around doorways. Movement can trigger the lights illuminating shelving or room features. We’ve made sure to include a variety of product from U-Connect so that you can have everything you need for successful sensor installation.
  • Lumanor – only the best bulbs will do for us here at ArcLED which is why we are delighted to include Lumanor’s range of GU10 bulbs for our clients and customers. These high-quality bulbs will ensure a brilliant and standout quality of light that will be more efficient than your usual GU10 lightbulb brand. The quality is sure to help the bulb stand the test of time with a product that will have a long lifespan and a, therefore, a lesser environmental effect.
  • ZigBee – Control your LED lighting like never before with Zigbee; a range of products that bring you the latest innovations in smart home automation. You’ll find that our range of ZigBee products will revolutionize the way you control your LED lighting setups. With compatibility to smart devices such as Amazon Alexa; ZigBee products enable you to voice command your LED lights or simply set them up via apps on your smartphone or device.
  • Saturn LED – this lighting brand brings you a huge range of LED products which includes downlighting and wall lights for both external and internal use. These Saturn lighting products are designed for use in the home and for retail applications. You won’t believe the variety of products available from our Saturn LED range; it proves itself again and again to be a versatile brand that we’ll happily recommend to our clients and customers. 

Our list of LED brands is continually growing as we’ll always be looking for new ways to get the latest and greatest innovative technologies into our product catalogue. If there’s a new and exciting LED product available we will certainly look to add it to our collections. Of course, we don’t just stock any brands here at ArcLED; only the best new lighting brands will do for us!

About Our Arc LED Brand

We are delighted to stock our own-branded products alongside some of these well-known names from the LED lighting industry. All of our products have been tried and tested to ensure that our clients are provided with lighting products that are efficient, easy-to-use and look fantastic when fully installed. What’s more, product ranges such as our branded LED lighting strips you can choose custom lengths and sizes to work exactly with your lighting specifications. 

Our bespoke LED services make it easy for you to include our brand anywhere in your lighting plans. From branded light trips to all kinds of LED drivers, we’ve made sure to set you up an expansive collection of branded lighting that’ll help you get the best from our LED lighting products. Even the tiniest of lighting accessories such as baffles and plates are from top-quality brands such as Levello see more of our branded lighting supplies in our dedicated LED accessories section.

As an LED supplier, we ensure that all of our products are up to scratch and ready for use. If we didn’t feel a product was up to the job, it would not be made available for purchase! Since many of the products in our store are our own brand, it means that we are readily equipped to talk you through any questions you have on branded lighting products that have our name on it. Fill our form on our Contact Us page or use the contact information listed to get in touch with our team.