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Our collection Saturn LED lighting brings you an expansive range of downlights, wall lights and many kinds of fixtures. These specific LED lights can be used both inside and out so are suited to all kinds of applications. A brand dedicated to high-quality products, as well as the best customer service and satisfaction, we think this brand fits well within the ArcLED ethos. Browse through the Saturn lighting products available for purchase and you’re sure to find a product that suits your needs.  

Saturn LED Downlights

If there’s anything our huge range of LED downlighting proves is that we know a thing or two about downlights. The Saturn range of LED lighting includes a variety of differently shaped LED lights for an even more impressive finished effect. With both the ranges of ‘Diamond’ and ‘Ruby’ LED lights you get products packed with satisfying features. Handily sized to fit the same size cut as old-style PL downlights, these fixtures are sure to outperform their older counterparts.

These Saturn lights are also finished with a slick white matte finish that can help them easily blend into new or existing ceiling colours. Sometimes whilst all the effort goes into giving you the very best bespoke lighting fixture, some of the best results are those that cannot be seen. The IP44 rating of these Saturn LEDs makes it possible to include this in all kinds of installations around the home. There are multiple variations of wattage available so you can get a brightness of light that’s just right for your surroundings.

Saturn LED Indoor Wall Lights

Improve your indoor lighting experience with some of the Saturn LED lighting options available. Saturn LED downlights are fantastic ways of illuminating your indoor spaces. The gorgeous level of light created is only matched by the stylish finish of the fixtures and fittings. Whether it is for domestic or business use, we recommend including these products in your LED plans. 

  • Square Wall Lights – boxed and rectangle wall lights are sure to be a welcome addition to any environment in need of smart-finished lighting. The shape of this LED wall light allows for an almost wall wash effect with the up and down lighting style. The IP20 rating on these lighting types allows for not only home usage but allows for more retail and commercial installations such as offices and even hotel interiors. An ideal choice for feature walls.
  • Curved Wall Lights – these LED wall lights come with a smoothly curved effect that gives a super sleek visual finish. These energy efficient wall lights have an exceedingly cool running temperature that is sure to be kind to your running costs. Installed with 2 x 5W Epistar light chips, these lights have a 3000K colour temperature for a soft mood light feel. This style is available in clean white or hi-shine polished aluminium finish.
  • Adjustable Wall Lights – there’s a lot to love about Saturn’s range of adjustable LED lighting. The fixtures allow you to angle the lighting beam however you see fit. This, combined with finishes such as the polished aluminium gives am impressive contemporary finish. The final look is certainly unique and with the 1 x 3W Epistar LED chip you’re sure to enjoy a high-quality of brightness and lighting performance.

No matter what kind of wall lighting you’re after, Saturn have it covered. This brand joins some of the best LED brands in the business in our ArcLED store. We want the best products to sit alongside our own-branded LED lighting strips and profiles. After all, it’s only with the best brands that you can start to achieve the very best kind of bespoke finish. See more of our LED light brands here.

Saturn Outdoor Lighting Range

Many of the lighting options from the Saturn light range are suited for outdoor and exterior LED lighting installations. The range of wall lights will make for stylish additions to your exterior walls that’ll not only look good during the day but will shine brightly at night. Taking your lighting into the great outdoors well and truly opens up possibilities. With Saturn lighting, you can be sure you are getting quality products that will stand the test of time. 

  • LED Wall Lights – many of the Saturn wall lights available are part of the premium range of exterior light. As well as the impressive features of a 30,000-hour lifespan, what is most striking about this selection of lighting is the anthracite grey finish. The smooth grey effect and high-quality finish will make these lights a welcome addition to your home or business. The lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so its easy to find the design that suits your needs. 
  • Angled Wall Lights – these lights come fitted with an adjustable fitting that allows you to angle and aim the wall lights as you see fit. These Saturn lights are designed with an IP54 rating to ensure that allows them to installed in areas of low moisture. The 6W LED fitting also boasts a long lifespan that also produces a pleasing amount of light.
  • LED Bollards – these exterior lighting options make for great ways of lighting pathways, decking and exterior driveways. The high-quality die-cast aluminium pillars ensure longevity as well as a sleek and sophisticated finish. Each fitted with a 25w Epistar LED chip, an LED bollard is sure to stand out and shine bright in your garden or walkway. The IP65 rating makes it possible for this lighting to withstand all weathers and maintain a high level of performance throughout.

As we’re sure you’ll agree, Saturn LED lighting certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to great quality bespoke LED lighting. Not only do their products promise great performance and impressive aesthetics, but they also have a great lifespan and efficiency rating. We can see no reason why you wouldn’t want this brand included in your LED lighting plans. We’re all about giving you that high-end lighting finish which is why we are proud to have included Saturn lights in our collection.