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Our range of LED wall lights is full of lighting of all kinds of different shapes, styles, and colours. We’re pleased to have expanded our range of LED lights to include such a fantastic selection of additional products. From our own-branded products to our Saturn LED range, we’ve made sure to bring you the best kinds of wall lighting. We think you’ll be delighted by the selection of LED wall lighting on offer. Take a closer look at the products shown here and let’s start some ideas for how to best put these lights to good use.

Our selection of wall LED lights includes a huge range of types from mounted lighting and fixtures to spotlights and wall washers. Our range has got it all with options on each one for lighting colour, brightness, and design. If you are looking for more specialist downlights and fitted spotlights then know that we have many options available from Levello lighting in our dedicated sections. For LED wall mounted lights, you’ve come to the right place; enjoying browsing our extensive range and finding the perfect products for you.

Wall Mounted LED Lights & More

Let us give you a quick tour of all the product types we have available for purchase. We loving providing variety and options here at ArcLED which is why our range is so expansive and varied. Alongside our bespoke LED light tape service, we have made sure to include all kinds of lights, accessories, profiles and more. This not only gives an impressive variety but it also increases the number of ways you can get ArcLED lighting into your home or commercial space. 

  • LED Adjustable Wall Lights – this slick lighting option gives you the power to angle your lights however you please. The arms on these lights allow you to adjust the lighting direction even once they are fully installed. The adjustable light fixtures themselves are often finished with a polished or matte effect for a high-quality aesthetic finish. Multiple fittings of lights around the room will really improve the space and lighten up any environment.
  • LED Wall Washer Lights – this type of light does exactly as it sounds, by illuminating and covering any wall or ceiling with a wide beam of light. These compact lighting types are perfect for showcase walls where you really want to make them the centrepiece of the space. With the brightness and quality of light produced by our range of wall washers, you’ll be happy to install them within your home, business or any other commercial spaces.
  • LED Indoor Wall Lights – the perfect way to stylishly light up your domestic or commercial spaces, our standard square, curved and rectangular wall lights are sure to please. Our products boast neat features such as efficient running and cooler temperatures. Choose from a variety of white light colour temperatures that you can choose to match the needs and feel of the room. 

Don’t forget that if you are looking for exterior lighting option then we have products suitable as LED wall lights outdoor. There are plenty of stylish options that you could choose to install in any patio or decked area. With some options more catered to practicality, suitability and even security lighting; you can browse knowing that ArcLED has it all covered. We do love our range of indoor LED wall lighting but there’s still plenty of potentials to take your projects into the great outdoors. 

When it comes to the interior design of a space, there are plenty of locations and environments where you could consider putting up one of our products. From living room LED wall lights to installations in the kitchen; the possibilities are well and truly endless. Remember if you are considering kitchen or bathroom installations to check the IP rating of the lights – to make sure they are suited for a damp environment. To do this, all you need to sure is that they have an IP rating.

Wall lights such as the Saturn LED Harmony range give the sleek and stylish finish that will suit the very best high-end installations. Our range of Saturn products bring the very best aspects of lighting products with not only the stunning visual quality of light but also the high-end look of the fixtures and fittings that they sell. Their LED wall lighting brand brings a large amount of product to our online ArcLED store. Not only do they provide many of the lights shown here; but you’ll also find Saturn LED downlights available for purchase. 

Wall Lighting Services From ArcLED

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to lighting which goes beyond just selling you the products online. Our team has a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to lighting. As such, we’ll always be on hand to help with any questions or queries you have with a product you have purchased. From light styling tips to how to set up your own wall LED lighting there’s plenty of top tips ready and waiting for you. If you are new to LED wall lighting and want a beginner’s guide then a member of our team will be more than willing to help you out. Just use the contact us form to get in touch.

We’ve also made sure to fill our website with plenty of resources to help you out with any LED wall light projects you have in mind. Our LED lighting blog is ready and waiting with ideas for, and images of, our LED lights in action. Get a real feel for how the lights can look when properly used and installed. Each product has plenty of details on the specifications and also details compatible products that will improve your lights further and make installation even easier.