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We are pleased to have extended our range of LED and indoor lighting to LED light pendants. Light pendants are lights that are often suspended from the ceiling as hanging lights. Connected by wire, chain or simply by a metal rod; pendants are often a fashionable choice in kitchens and over breakfast bars. These lights can become a true feature of any space; whether that be commercial, retail or domestic. Here’s all you need to know about our growing range of LED pendants.

LED Pendant Lights UK

One of the most common thoughts, when first considering LED suspended lighting, is how to best install and fit the lighting. It can be quite a daunting thought if you are hanging LED lights for the first time. If you have questions on how best to go about installing this unique type of lighting then know that ArcLED is here to help. Know that every LED pendant light is supplied with the necessary cable required for a successful setup. The cable is adjustable in length which means you can safely attach the light to the socket and junction box above. The cable is adjustable in length so you can pick a perfect height.

The material construction of our lighting pendants ensures that these lights not only look good but stand the test of time when in place and working. The durable aluminium construction of these products ensures the longevity and sturdiness of the product. After all, if you are investing in a product that you want to proudly display in your home or business, you’ll want something that is designed to last and look great for even longer.

LED Pendant Lights from ArcLED

It’s always a good look to have LED hanging lights installed in your space. The design and the setup of these lights always make the finished look more effective and impressive. The sleek white finish of some of our styles gives a truly high-end finish that will be right at home in any newly renovated space or signature architectural environment. We’ll never skimp on quality here at ArcLED and will always make sure to provide with products that complete and compliment anywhere you choose to install.

As well as the visual finish of the lighting fixture; we should always mention the aesthetics of the light produced. Creating an aesthetically pleasing and gorgeous shade of white light, our LED pendant lighting products are sure to brighten up your home or business. As a lighting company, we certainly know a thing or two about creating products that stand out from the rest. With impressive numbers and CRI ratings across our bespoke LED tape range; it was all too easy to make this a feature in our pendants collection. Note the 50,000-hour lifespan on our pendant’s bulbs; these lights are here to stay!

Once you’ve seen just how good pendant LED lights will look when installed we’re sure you’ll start planning where you could show off this impressive lighting type. For a closer look at all of our products in action, why not take a closer look at our LED showroom and our social media channels? We always want to show just how good our lights will look when fully installed and working – it’s only the way to give the full finished effect. If you’ve installed one of our products and think it's looking fantastic then make sure to let us know – we’d be happy to include any additional images in our growing LED portfolio.

For any more questions on this LED product type or for any of the lighting services we offer, make sure to contact us using the form linked here.