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Let us tell you a little more about the red 12v LED light tape we have on offer. It’s a perfect colour choice for those seeking a bright and bold new lighting colour. As you'll be able to see from our expansive range of LEDs; there are plenty of colours and styles to choose from. As well as making sure you have an expansive range of LED lighting products at your fingertips; it’s also important for us to find you the exact type of red LED tape that suits both your styling and installation needs.

Red 12v LED Tape

Here is a guide on everything you need to know about our red-light tape, showing here with a lower 12 voltage. Firstly, know that our San'an LED chips are A-rated, ensuring you get high-performance and a great quality of light. We're always keen to boast that our LED lights have an impressive minimum colour rendering index of 90. This CRI measurement shows the high-quality of light that our 12v Red Tape produces. With statistics such as these, it’s fair to say that these LED lights are going to look incredible wherever you choose to install them. 

Yet another bonus is the longer lifespan of these red LED light tapes as well as their promised longevity. We're sure you'll be impressed by the 50,000-hour lifespan that means you can not only enjoy your lights for longer but can also reduce the worry and cost associated with continual replacements. At a lower voltage, these 12v Red LED lights are more suited for smaller installations and for shorter lengths of LED strips. When deciding what voltage, you need, you should always consider the needs and values included on a red LED datasheet

If you are looking for an LED driver to power you red lighting then you'll be pleased to hear about the standout range we have to offer. By purchasing a high-quality driver of the correct voltage, you can ensure the smooth performance and correct visual display of the lights. Incorrect voltage can lead to shorting, less efficient running and sometimes it can cause visual spotting.

Once you’ve selected the perfect red LED lighting then you're going to need a profile to match. By having the Red LEDs installed with a profile, you not only protect the LED strips but you enhance the finished look. If you want your LEDs to look their very best then these high-quality extrusions will give the finish you've been looking for. 

Our LED profiles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes that'll suit different installation types and locations. Made from high-quality aluminium, these profiles are designed to stand the test of time. If you're buying the best red LED lights available, then make sure to get the best profiles to match.

Custom Length 12v Red LED Tape

Make sure to use our contact us form for any questions or queries regarding our 12v Red Tape. Our team our lighting gurus have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to LEDs, so will be happy to help with all kinds of queries from voltage to design styles. Use the contact us form linked here or the Bespoke LED link in the menu above to send us your message. This is always the way to head if you are looking for a quote for your next red LED project. Read on for more information about of made-to-measure strip lighting service. 

Our bespoke LED lighting service is a perfect way to get your red 12v LED tape made to the exact length you need. It can often be fiddly and cumbersome to buy and cut your own LED tape. Although there are many guides available online for how to best cut your own LED tape, it is better to get custom LED light tape for the ultimate bespoke finish. Boasting some of the longest lengths of LED tape in the UK, ArcLED has made it possible to have long lengths of high-quality red LED strip without unsightly joins. Its these super long lengths that make our red tape suited for bigger projects and even architectural installations.

However, we don't just have the bigger projects covered when it comes to 12v Red light strips. Any length means any length, so it’s possible to get LEDs for all kinds of projects including cabinet installations and even as red LEDs for PC. The red light tape will certainly be a funky feature to any home, kitchen or retail space - so we've made it possible to keep your options open. 

Bespoke Red Lighting Options at ArcLED

If bright red LEDs isn't quite the colour of LED tape you are looking for then make sure to take a look the rest of the colours, we have available. Other RGB colours include blue and green, whilst the colour temperature variations of white are often popular choices. See our quick links below for the other 12v colour variants available for purchase on our online store:

  • White 12v LED Tape
  • Blue 12v LED Tape
  • Green 12v LED Tape

If you're wondering which colour best suit your environment then you can always ask for advice; we certainly know a thing or two about styling and LED design.

If you do go ahead and install your red LED lights then know that we're always collecting pictures of our customers successful LED tape installations. For a closer look at how some of our previous clients used their red LED tape make sure to view our showroom, blog and our social media channels. These images are the best way to get some installation inspiration and really show just how awesome our 12v Red LEDs are. If you’ve got images of a red LED project; then we'd love to see it!