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When I Arrive I'm Causing a Heatwave

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Sorry, everyone, this isn't a blog about Wiley, however, it is about summer and new lighting, so that's just as good right? Summer has finally arrived in England and it's a scorcher. We aren't usually very lucky when it comes to the sun, so we feel like we should write a post about the glorious weather whilst we can. Just yesterday temperatures reached almost 30 degrees in London and we all rushed to the beer garden and grassy spots on our lunch breaks to soak it up. But what happens in the evening when you get home and the house is boiling hot and you just want to relax? Did you know, you're halogen or incandescent lamps are pumping out unnecessary heat into your homes which could contribute to the fact it's stuffy and uncomfortable. 
Now in 2018, we have a solution to keep your homes that bit cooler. Using LEDs certainly plays a big factor. The average LED light converts 90% of its energy to light and loses just 5% to heat, whereas your old style lamps lose up to 95% in heat! We have all heard of that saying 'if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen', unfortunately for most of us we still have to cook whilst the sun is shining. With the oven on and your lamps kicking out heat, it's almost unbearable – but with LED strip lights, you could find your kitchen much cooler. 

So there's your proof. Not only do you get more light from an LED, they use less wattage meaning you can save money on your energy bills every month. They also benefit from having no mercury or glass content which makes the world a healthier and happier place and reduces your carbon footprint. Let's look after the environment, guys! 
Now we've let you into some tips for keeping your homes cool this summer, go out and enjoy the sun whilst you can. It's set to be here for the next week. For you lucky lot who have managed to hit the jackpot with this week off, enjoy the beach – think of us here in the office!

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