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Did you know about the Halogen Ban?

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Some of you may not be aware of a BIG change that is due to take place across the EU in September 2018 – halogen bulbs will be banned! This is one of those bans that actually benefits us all and will reduce Europe's carbon footprint by a massive 15.2 million tonnes by 2025. There are still around 500 million lights around homes in Europe using halogen spotlights, if you were to replace each one with LED, you'd be looking at a saving of around £42 per annum, per household and be able to power almost 11 million homes.

What do I need to replace my Halogen bulbs?

Thankfully our advanced technology has allowed us to develop new LED lighting which has been on the market for a number of years, however more so in recent years is much more readily available. It is now very easy to go online or into a shop and find a huge range of LED lamps that will offer a selection of light colours. These go from warm white, to cool white and even colour changing. LEDs aren't just available in lamp form, LED strip lights are fast becoming some of the most sought-after lighting options in home and business renovations. 
LED strip lighting has become so popular over the years due to its almost endless possibilities. It can be found in 12, 24 and 240V, warm & cool white, colour changing and even RGBW. The range of commercial grade LED strip lights we supply here at Arc LED range from as low as 4.8W per metre, up to 20.7W per metre for commercial installations. Check out our range of LED tape lights here.

When does the ban begin?

If you're just reading now, the ban actually started from September 1st 2018. Non-directional halogen lamps including standard pear or candle shaped bulbs will be phased out and replaced with LED. This follows from a ban back in 2009 when the EU banned incandescent lamps in 2009 and halogen GU10 lamps back in 2016. Don't worry, you don't need to replace your halogen lamps straight away if you've still got some life left in them. But, when they next fail – it's time to make the change to LED lighting.


The modern solution for the Halogen Bulb Ban

Since technology has advanced, more and more LED products are now available. LED strip lighting is the newest, modern lighting trend which is also reliable, affordable and allows you to save further on energy bills. Using plaster-in aluminium profile, home and business owners are able to create dramatic lighting designs that not only catch the eye of visitors but also supply high-quality lighting. Take a look at some of our favourite LED strip lighting jobs below.
Truro Cathedral
Help to switch to LED
If you want to make the change to LED strip lighting but don't know where to begin, don't panic. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are here from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday to answer all of your questions. Get in touch via telephone 01752 917447 or email [email protected]. We've even got a simple contact form here for you to fill to make things even easier!

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