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Take control of your LED lighting

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When it comes to installing LED strip lights, there are often a lot more things you need to think about than just the wattage or if its a bayonet cap or screw in bulb. You have probably heard of this style of lighting which is taking the market by storm, and it's clear to see why. LED tape lights are extremely versatile, adaptable and most importantly affordable. There may be several components you need to get your lighting working, but more often than not – it's more affordable than you think!

Brand new LED wall controllers collection

We are here today to talk to you about our range of brand new LED wall controllers. We've been scanning the market and working hard to find a collection of products we believe in and finally have sealed the deal and they're available! We have put together a huge range of different LED wall controls to allow you to easily adjust you lighting exactly how you like it. From single colour right through to RGBW wall panels, we are confident our new LED wall controllers collection has just what you need.

Choosing the right controller for you

Deciding which Led wall controller to use may be a little daunting to first-timers who haven't come across it before, however, all you need to know is what works best for you. A simple infra-red remote and receiver might be all you need, but if you are controlling digital pixel tape or would prefer a wall mounted design, there are more specialist items supplied here at Arc LED. Picking the right controller for you also involves a little common sense shall we say... If you are looking to control single colour LED strip lights – you won't be needing an RGBW colour circle controller. Just a simple single colour, dimming wall touch panel is the perfect product! We have listed a number of recommended products below to give you a push in the right direction.

Single Colour LED Tape Controllers:

  1. Arc LED DX1
  2. Arc LED UX1
  3. Arc LED DX5
  4. Halo30 Wire Free
  5. Halo30 Mains Wired

CCT Tape Controllers:

  1. Arc LED DX2
  2. Arc LED DX6
  3. Arc LED EX6
  4. Arc-ILRC012

RGB Tape Controllers:

  1. Arc LED DX3 
  2. Arc LED EX7
  3. Arc-ILRGB3A
  4. Halo Universal 4 Zone Remote

RGBW Tape Controllers:

  1. Arc LED EX3S
  2. Arc LED UX4
  3. Arc LED DX8
  4. Halo30 RGBW Wall Switch

Digital Pixel Tape Controllers:

  1. Arc LED SPI Remote & Receiver


These are some of our favourites, however, there are plenty more to choose from. You can check them out here.
We hope this blog post has helped you to choose the right LED wall controller for you. But, if you still need help our team are here to help. With over 60 years experience combined within the LED lighting industry, we know our stuff! Help is just a phone call or email away. Get in touch via phone on 01752 917447 or email [email protected].

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