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Why choose Plaster-in?

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It's easy to see why plaster-in LED strip lighting is taking over the market right now. With an unbeatable flush finish, here at Arc LED we are finding this style of lighting is fast becoming the most popular choice for home and business owners in the UK. Plaster in LED profiles provide a completely unique and modern finish in all projects, domestic or commercial. They can be integrated into any plasterboard and allow you to take full control of the way you light your home. Over the years we have worked with a number of clients to create stunning feature lighting within a room using RGBWSingle colour and CCT controlled LED strip lights – here are just a small selection of our favourites! 

Kitchen Halo Project

Our customer came to us with a vision of creating a halo style of light above his kitchen island to provide full light coverage of the worktop surface and also a feature light that would get noticed by guests. 
After discussing with our customer, we supplied our Arc LED 2 and 3-metre plaster-in profiles and the installers mitred each end with a 45-degree angle to create both rectangles for the halo effect. We also recommended using our 24V Single Colour 9.6W IP65 tape to reduce spotting. Once measurements had been decided we joined each length of tape with a small 50mm cable to go around the corners and avoid loss of light on the right angles. We also supplied our customer with dimmable drivers to allow simple control of the lighting via a decorative dimmer switch on the wall. 
Kitchen Halo Project Kitchen Halo Project 2

Velux Window & Levello Downlights

Another one of our favourite jobs using our plaster-in profile has to be this one! In a new loft conversion, our client wanted to highlight the Velux windows & also use RGBW strip for colour changing mood lighting. After discussing all options, we decided to go with the slim LED plaster in profiles along with opal diffusers to soften light output and reduce spotting. Again, corners were mitred at 45 degrees to give a perfect 90-degree angle going around each corner of the windows. Here we supplied our client with the tape cut and soldered to bespoke lengths to allow for swift and simple installation just needing a connection to the colour changing controller, driver & mains. 
After the customer was happy with the flush finish and overall appearance of the Velux windows, we also decided to use Levello plaster-in downlights. Levello is a British manufacturer based near to London and has over 100 years experience within the lighting industry. Their revolutionary invisible lighting creation is fast taking over the market and used prominently in high-end homes, restaurants and shops. Completing the room with a flush finish on all lighting really adds value to this home and we think you'll agree the finished look is stunning! 
Velux Window Pink Velux Window Magenta
Velux Window Blue Levello Flush Downlights

Contemporary Staircase Lighting

Our final pick is something a little different. Again, we used our popular Arc LED wide plaster-in profile complete with opal diffusers to create abstract & modern lighting on this client staircase. The customer came to us with a vision and after discussing many options, we came up with this! We decided to go with 7 x different lengths of strip, and stagger them at levels going up the stairs to achieve this modern feature lighting. Using 18W spotless LED strip, we were able to give the customer a completely spot-free strip of light on all lengths. We hooked them up to a dimmable driver to allow dimming of the lights during the night to allow guidance up and down the stairs. 

                      Staircase Lighting Staircase Lighting 2

Keep your lighting Flush

As we mentioned, plaster-in profiles are fast becoming the most sought after lighting on the market, however, you don't need to stop here. We have introduced a range of plaster-in downlights to keep all of your lighting around your home, office or shop completely flush. The benefits of flush downlights include discreet lighting, paintable bezels & modern finishes. Plaster in downlights not only look great, but they are neat, unobtrusive and better for our environment! 

Plaster in GU10 Downlights

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