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Why is everyone using Plaster in Downlights?

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The newest trend – Plaster in downlights. We are seeing more and more people using plaster in spotlights in their projects, and there are many benefits. As home trends change, we are finding more people adapting to the minimalist style and trimless lighting is bang on-trend. This style of lighting can offer you all of the benefits of bog-standard downlights, but without taking away from the design of your home. They seamlessly integrate into your décor and often are completely unnoticeable – apart from the light output they give. 


The Arc LED Collection


Here are Arc LED we are always keeping up with the latest lighting trends and ensuring that we provide the hottest new products. We have been working hard to bring exclusive designs to the market that have proven extremely popular, and we have more in the pipeline! We work tirelessly with over 10 factories worldwide to bring you unique products for your projects, and our GU10 plaster in downlights are no exception. 


We first started off with our standard IP20 plaster in downlight, a simple design offering 30-degree tilt and 360-degree rotation to allow you to direct the light where it is needed most. The beauty of the plaster in lighting range is that they are all antiglare meaning you benefit from the light output, but without it being seen. So, when you arrive in a room, you are not blinded by all of the glaring lights, and instead, these are hidden around 1 inch into the ceiling. The anti-glare design also allows you to plan for lighting within your home that will not spoil your style, and although plaster-in lighting is designed to be hidden – it adds value and a modern finish to all rooms. 


Since the launch of our Arc LED Plaster in GU10 downlight, we have vastly improved our collection. We now offer a full range of trimless LED downlights which can be used in commercial and domestic applications. From our single matt black GU10 downlight to our twin fire-rated exclusive, we are confident we will have a solution to suit your style. 


Arc LED Plaster in Downlights Banner


Why GU10 fittings?


It is no secret that nothing lasts forever and things over time will need to be replaced – this is no different with LED downlights. We have developed our plaster in downlights range to accommodate standard GU10 LED lamps to ensure easy maintenance and replacement of lamps. Whether you are a fully qualified electrician or just a homeowner, our trimless downlights range will allow you to simply remove the bezel and replace the lamp whenever needed. 


All of our GU10 fittings also come with maintenance-free junction boxes, so you can relax and enjoy your new lighting without worry. 


Matt Black Arc LED Trimless Downlights 


Over the past few years, you will have noticed the black home design trend. More and more of us are introducing black fixtures, features and fittings into our homes. The perfect contrast to a white ceiling, our matt black collection is bang on trend and extremely popular. Each downlight within this collection has been expertly powder coated for a smooth and matt finish which is sure to compliment your interior design. The black coating also further helps to reduce glare and is perfect for use in rooms such as cinemas, bedrooms and living spaces where soft light is needed. 


Within our range of matt black GU10 downlights, we offer IP20 adjustable, fire-rated, twin, square and IP65 options meaning we have a downlight suited to every room. When designing our range, we researched the market for months and found it impossible to find IP65 plaster in downlights – this is when we knew we must bring one to the market! So many of us like to keep things matching throughout the home as you would with standard LED downlights, so why should modern lighting be any different? We worked with our team on designs and are now pleased to offer our IP65 plaster in downlight in matt black (also available in white). 


Black IP20 Fire Rated Square Plaster in GU10 Black


Twin Plaster in GU10 Downlights by Arc LED

In addition to our single fittings, we wanted to bring something to our range which could be used in commercial environments. This is where our twin and square fittings came into play. Again, no one in the UK was offering a dual GU10 trimless downlight which was fire-rated, so we had one designed! Offered in both matt white and black options, this collection is something that we are extremely proud to bring to the UK market at a reasonable price, making it affordable to all.

White Non-Fire Rated Twin Black Non-Fire Rated Twin
Our Expanding Range

As we talked about before, we are always researching the market, speaking to our customers and ensuring we are able to offer the newest and even exclusive products in the UK – so our trimless range is far from complete! We will be working behind the scenes to bring yet more designs to our website in the near future. If there is anything you would like to see, drop us an email, phone call or Instagram message and we will be happy to work together to find or design something to work for your latest project. 

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