Arc LED Universal 12-24V 4 Channel Receiver With Push Dim Input


* The receiver does all the dimming so a non-dimmable power supply is required. *

  • Operating Voltage: 12-36VDC
  • Max Output Current: 4CH, 5A/CH
  • Output Power: 4 x (60-180W) (720W Total)
  • Dimensions: 175 x 45 x 27mm
  • Input Signal: RF 2.4GHz + Push Dim
  • Dimming Range: 0-100%
  • Remote Distance: 30 metres
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A versatile 4 channel receiver unit that is connected to any low voltage, constant voltage lighting product such as LED strip.

To connect to a chosen remote or wall panel - just press the match button on the receiver, and then one press on the chosen controller and that's it.

Being so universal means it can either be used for RGB, RGBW, Dual Colour (CCT) or a Single Colour controller.

You can choose from a handheld remote, a wall-mounted touch panel switch. It is designed so you can use any or all of the control options as best suits you.


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