Halo30 DIN Rail Mounted 4 Channel Constant Voltage Receiver


Operating Voltage: 12-24V

Max Output Current: 4 x 5A

Dimensions: 172 x 53 x 27mm


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The heart of the Halo30 system, a versatile 4 channel receiver unit which is connected to any low voltage, constant voltage lighting product such as LED strip.

Because it has 4 channels it can be used to control all types of LED Strip - up to 4 sets of single colour, 2 sets of colour temperature adjustable or a single piece of RGBW. Each channel can handle up to 5 amps which means that you can run up to 4 * 10m lengths of single colour Or a 10 Mtr length of RGB/RGBW Strip.

It's easy to set up and pair to other items in the Halo30 range - just press 2 buttons on the receiver, and then one press on the chosen controller and that's it.

You can choose from a hand held remote, a wall mounted touch panel switch or Smartphone control - Halo30 is designed so you can use any or all of the control options as best suits you. 

Reference ARC-H3-RCV-CV-DIN
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Installation Instructions

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