Zuma Alexa Smart Bezel Voice™ Round (White)

  • Introducing whole-home voice control with Zuma
  • Cutting edge voice technology for the home
  • Voice controlled sound and light in any room
  • Easy to install and use
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Smart Bezel Voice™ discreetly and easily integrates Alexa Built-in™ voice control into your Zuma system, giving you totally hands-free control of your home’s sound and lighting. Smart Bezel Voice brings the ultimate fusion of sound, light, and voice control to your home.

Smart Bezel Voice™ features an array of intelligently managed microphones, enabling Alexa Built-in functionality, and removing the need for external Alexa devices in the home. It uses ‘far-field’ microphones and echo cancellation to allow commands to be heard over music, giving you a completely hands-free experience.

Once installed, Smart Bezel Voice™ is IP65 rated, so its safe to use in any room in your home.

That means you can turn your bathroom into a luxury spa space, complete with voice controlled sound and light. Change the soundtrack and light temperature from the comfort of your bath, without touching an electronic device.

Smart Bezel Voice™ is a breeze to install – simply swap it with your existing Zuma bezel, run a few setup steps, and you’re ready to go. Changing the music or lighting becomes easy as saying, ‘Alexa, turn down the lights and play some music’.

Zuma comes in square or round bezels for a consistent aesthetic, and only one is needed per room.