CON-1 Arc LED Conservalite LiteLine LED Profile (White)


Finish Colour: White

Available in 1, 2 & 3 Metre Lengths


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The liteline H/S profile contains aluminium heatsinks embedded within the fitting to prolong the life of the LED and create additional support. We recommend that this profile is used for all LED strips 7.2w per metre and above.

Wiring instructions:

The profile is only suitable for low voltage LED strips, the 230 v switch line should be installed as close to the profile as possible in an out of the way but accessible position, (ideally inside a cupboard or on top of kitchen units) this should be connected to the correct sized driver (depending on the total length of LED strip being used, please see our size chart, low voltage 2 core cable (no smaller than 1mm) should then bed run from the driver to the start of each profile.

If dimming of the Led strip is required please be sure to use the appropriate dimming driver.

Fitting instructions

1. Simply measure and cut the fitting to the required length, be sure to allow for the end caps if required.

2. Drill holes (approximately 5mm) in the base at the required spacing for screw fixing, we recommend no greater than 400mm.

3. Measure and cut the led strip to the desired length

4. Drill a hole ( approximately 8mm) in the sides of the profile to allow the cable from the LED strip to enter the central chamber at the desired location.

5. Push the cable trough the holes and stick the LED strip down the length of the profile maintaining an equal gap down the entire length.

6. Slide or clip the lenses into the profile

7. Once this has been done the fitting can be fixed to the desired surface via screw, adhesive or magnet.

8. When complete connect the supply cable to the LED strip cable

9. We recommend to turn on the fitting to check all LED’s and connections prior to fitting the lid.

10. Place the lid against the base and mark where the LED cable is entering the central chamber, notch the inner section of the lid with a knife or multi tool to enable the lid to clip in fully and not squash / damage the cable

11. Simply clip the lid onto the base profile and the installation is complete.


The liteline can be supplied with clear, frosted or blanking lenses to suit your specific requirements.  Due to the central chamber concealed within the fitting cables can be run to create a continuous line of light up to 30 metres. Fixing of the fitting can be via screw, adhesive or magnets without the need for unsightly brackets. Please contact us with your requirements and

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