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Low profile LED downlights can be used for a variety of different lighting installations. This specific type of bespoke LED downlights can also be known as shallow depth LED downlights or even LED ceiling lights. This type of design creates an aesthetically pleasing and tucked away premium lighting fixture that can be installed in the smallest of voids and on almost any surface. 

Here at ArcLED we are driven in offering you the tools to create innovative low-profile LED lighting fixtures with ease; which is reflected in our range of lighting solutions that are available to you. We’ve made sure that at ArcLED you’ll be able to find all of your bespoke lighting needs in one place. Our products make lighting solutions easy and affordable while offering the premium and a bespoke look for your home, retail space, or business deserves.

In this section, we can go into detail on which purposes low profile downlights can be used for and how they can be implemented into your home or place of work. Here you will find a variety of shallow led downlights that can we think will make a fantastic addition to your environment. Note that their recessed profile fittings come in various sizes. Keep reading to find out more on this type of lighting source, or speak to our Customer Services team to find a lighting solution tailored to your needs.

Shallow Profile LED Downlights

As both manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of LED lighting, here at ArcLED, you will only find the highest quality solutions for your LED lighting requirements. This range of LED downlights are brought to you by Levello; one of the many brands we stock in our LED store. Levello has a huge range of downlighting options available - so you can be sure that you are receiving a high-quality product!

All of our shallow depth LED downlight profiles are made from premium grade aluminium in order to ensure an outstanding finish, high-grade durability, and long-lasting quality. This is a source of anodised metal which reduces and resists rust and corrosion to give you piece of mind as to the longevity of your new led downlighting. By offering this type of bespoke shallow LED downlights, we are ensuring that our customers and clients have peace of mind that the fittings and fixtures will stand the test of time while offering the same premium finish that is offered with all of our LED lighting systems. 

Our Range of Shallow Depth LED Downlights

Our low-profile downlights are just ready and waiting to be used in your next project. We believe that everyone deserves the best lighting and as such we always recommend using one of our many high-quality and reasonably priced products. There are many ways in which to add a premium lighting solution to your home, and we’re here to help point you in the right direction. Throughout our range, we have a large variety of lighting systems and fittings available with various IP ratings. Among our various ranges, products like our low profile 12v LED downlights and profiles can offer lighting in almost any situation. 

For specially tailored lighting, however, we have a range of IP certified products that offer increased water resistance for bathroom lighting fixtures. Within our range of IP-certified shallow depth led downlights we stock ranges of IP65, IP44 and IP20; however, for bathroom projects and renovations we recommend our IP65 range of products for its increased water resistance.  

As a way to improve your home, shallow LED downlights to offer a touch of modernisations while also offering enhanced lighting and quality. Depending on the type of product and finish you’re looking to create, we are happy to talk you through some of our popular styles including our low profile GU10 downlights which can also be a popular choice for industrial purposes due to its powerful visual finish combined with low energy consumption. 

  • Low Profile GU10 Downlights: out of our range of downlights, as we mentioned previously, our low profile gu10 downlights is a popular choice. The low profile GU10 downlight is named as such due to its glass and metal construction featuring with 10mm 2-pin bayonet mounting system. This is a top choice for almost any low-profile lighting fixture due to its premium design, strong light output, and its low energy consumption. Unlike its halogen and incandescent predecessors, this shallow led downlight can produce a bright and luminescent lighting solution, while reducing energy consumption to the environment and a reduced cost.
  • Low Profile Fire Rated LED Downlights: Low profile fire rated downlights can be found throughout our range of LED downlighting at ArcLED. It is essential to install premium and safer lighting systems wherever you plan on using them. The fire-rated downlights are used to maximise and reduce the risk of fire by restoring the integrity of your ceiling which may have a reduced fire barrier due to low-profile or recessed light fittings. These type of led recessed ceiling lights works by introducing an intumescent pad to its design which swell when high temperatures are exceeded. This can, in turn, prevent the spread of fire.
  • Low Profile Dimmable LED Downlights: Our range of low-profile dimmable downlights are a great option for living areas and spaces of work. Unlike some older dimmable downlights; many of our varieties will be compatible with a multitude of different dimmer switches. This type of low-profile downlights gives the ability to change the intensity of your lighting on almost any situation. Our premium, low-cost products within this range lend themselves as a firm choice for anyone in the need of an adaptive and versatile lighting system.

Whilst shopping around for your new LED downlights, remember to check out some of the accessories available in our Levello range. With everything from downlight plates to hole saws for installation assistance, we’re sure to have you covered. All lights featured here are compatible with the additional Levello products; so, make sure to have a look at what you could add to your order to ease and improve your LED experience.