Halo30 Wall Switch for Single Colour Strip with 4 Zones & 3 Scenes


Features 4 Zones & 3 Scenes

Clean Glass Finish

Touch Operation

Use with Single Colour Strip 

Smooth Dimming on all Channels


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Used to control single colour LED Strip or dimmable lamps by linking to the Halo30 receiver. Within each zone it is possible to connect multiple receivers to create larger installations.

Use the 3 Scene buttons to create different mood effects for your room - instantly recall your preferred settings in each Zone at the touch of a button - for example you might want an evening setting, a party setting and a cleaning setting - each with different levels of lighting in each zone. This can be done in minutes and stored for easy recall.

Each Zone can be dimmed independently and the last used setting are retained in memory when the unit is switched off for immediate recall next time it is used. 

Please note that this unit required a live and neutral feed to operate. It will fit into a standard, deep, back box.

Reference ARC- H3-WS-1-AC
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