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We are pleased to bring our customers an exciting and innovative range of LED downlights from Levello. This high-end range of LED bulb lights makes it possible for you to easily install your lighting into plasterboard or other paneling. As well as the downlights themselves, you will find plenty of handy accessories ready to make your installation experience a whole lot simpler. When you shop with ArcLED, you can be sure that you are selecting some of the best brands on the market. Levello comes highly recommended and their range of downlights is sure to impress. 

Here at ArcLED, we’re all about getting customers a truly standout and bespoke finish – which is why we can’t recommend these low-profile downlights enough! The ability to build your LED lights so subtly into their surroundings can only lead to a more impressive effect. Keep everything tucked away and tidy while producing gorgeous lighting to help illuminate your home, venue or business. The unique invisible design will compliment all kinds of interiors. If you are in the middle of planning an impressive space and you want to show it off in style, then this is the range for you. 

A hugely popular space for this kind of lighting is certainly LED downlights kitchen, however, we have certainly seen these lights fitted in all kinds of environments. Some lights have an IP65 rating which makes them suitable for installation in both bathrooms and shower rooms. Once you’ve seen the finished effect of these stunning mounted lights, you may want them in every room of the house – so what’s stopping you? Here is our full guide on this range of Levello products and how you can easily use these top-quality LED supplies. 

LED Down Lights from Levello 

The main feature of this range of LED light products in the LED downlights and spotlights available. This kind of lighting is most commonly installed into the ceiling and fitted through small down holes. This allows for a truly bespoke finish, as the lights can seamlessly become part of the ceiling with all of the extra bulky fixtures and fittings being tucked away. For more information on each type of Levello downlight, we invite you to take a closer look at each dedicated product range. 

  • Levello Low Profile Downlights – subtle and low-key, these lights fit seamlessly into any environment with the ability to create all kinds of lighting displays and effects.
  • Levello Directional Downlights – have more control over your lighting angles and directions with these lights, designed to reduce glare and to create cleaner beams of lights
  • Levello Deep Downlights – the deep trim on these lights reduces the glare, even more, narrowing the spill of light being emitted. Ideal for highlighting your space’s assets. 

Across the Levello products, you will find similar traits that ensure and proves that continual quality and reliable nature of the lighting products available. Here are some of the features of Levello lights that make them stand out from the rest. 

  • Flush Finish – these lights are designed to be fitted within a board, wall or panel. This not only keeps the behind-the-scenes wiring tidy and tucked away but gives the ultimate bespoke finish. Make your LED lighting appear to sink into the environment around them. 
  • Simple Installation – the downlight mount comes already fitted with a GU10 bulb adapter and Simplefix adaptor. Even if you are new to LED lighting, it should be simple to get these downlights fitted into your setup. Best installed before plastering for a high-end finish.
  • Flexible Use – the shallow length and compact size of these Levello downlights make them an ideal product for us in all kinds of LED installations. If you are short of space or need to fit the downlights into furniture or smaller recesses, then these lights are an ideal size. 

As well as this you can easily switch between lens covers to experience and trial different lighting settings. We consider it very important to match your lights to the environment they are installed into, so if the mood is changing or you want to try something new, you can easily pick up an alternative plate and covers to alter the light and potentially transform your lighting setup. 

Levello Lighting Accessories

See an overview of the accessories on offer and make sure to take a closer look at our full range of Levello Accessories. There are some products that you didn’t even know you needed, but once you’ve used them in your own lighting installation we’re sure that you’ll be glad that you picked them up. Here is a brief overview of the unique accessories available in our range from Levello. 

  • LED Light Plates - Levello light plates come in a variety of shapes to help angle the lights differently. As well as the standard primed ‘O’ shape there is an obround shape that can help to direct the light differently from the downlight. Plates can reduce the glare from the lighting and help to angle the LED beam of light.
  • LED Downlight Cutters – holesaws are handy devices to have when it comes to the installation of your Levello LED downlights. This tool will help you cut the exact size required to fit your LED light into a piece of plasterboard or flooring. We highly recommend a branded LED holesaw for an exact fit and seamlessly bespoke finish.  

With everything from replacement magnets, baffles and the aforementioned hole saws you’ll be sure to have plenty of handy devices to fill up your LED lighting toolkits. Levello has made to sure think of everything that will make your lighting installation a simple and swift process.  

In general, these lights and built into their surroundings so would ideally be fitted during decoration and before plastering in the finishing touches. However, if you’ve already plastered and designed your space, then fear not – it's not too late to install these LED downlights. It’s more than easy to fit these lights once you have plastered and with some additional planning and know-how, you’ll have them up in no time at all. For more guidance on installation, both before and after plastering, then make sure to contact us for more assistance with your Levello products.