Deep Downlights

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Our range of deep LED downlights is sure to be a welcome lighting addition to your home or business. The deeper recess of the bulb in these lighting fixtures helps to further narrow the beam of light leaving a direct and more focused beam of light. This can reduce the glare making this kind of light more like LED spotlights than full room options. If you want to really draw attention to focal points of your room or display, then installing these lights could be the perfect way for you to add more emphasis to the aesthetics points of your home that deserve more attention. 

Hailing from our range of Levello lighting products, you can be sure that this specific range of lighting is of a high-quality that is sure to both perform well, and stand the test of time. Their brand of lighting is one you can rely on and we are pleased to include in our online UK LED store. All of the products we stock from Levello range, including these LED recessed downlights, are packed with quality construction and are sure to provide a high-end finish. Here’s everything you need to know about this brand and type of indoor LED lighting. 

Many customers simply search for recessed ceiling spotlights but do not consider the benefits of having LED spotlights. Not only do these lights produce an equal, if not better light than their halogen bulb counterparts, but they are also more efficient and have greater longevity. By installing recessed LED spotlights, you not only get a visually impressive form of lighting by an electrical fixture that will stand the test of time as a permanent fixture in your chosen space.

Deep Recessed Downlights from ArcLED

We love offering our customers flexibility when it comes to our deep profile downlights as it can open up all kinds of design possibilities and practical uses. That is why we’re delighted to provide a range of products that can easily be transformed to fit your needs. Paired with different accessories, plates, and fittings, you can easily alter the way that the light illuminates your space. The first consideration when purchasing lighting for your home is often what is suited to the environment and how to install them. Here are the two main location 

  • Recessed Downlights Kitchen – the heart of the home is often a popular place for LED spotlights. You could consider installing them into cabinets, above worktops or over the dining table communal area. These impressive Levello spotlights will help you to illuminate the space like never before! If you are currently renovating your kitchen space it could be the perfect time to add some new downlights. We think you’ll find that the possibilities are well and truly endless when it comes to kitchens and how you could be putting our lights to good use.
  • Recessed Downlights for Bathrooms - Bathroom and washroom installation are becoming a popular location for lighting such as adjustable LED shower lights. our downlights make for popular picks as the lighting in shower and washrooms as Spotlights are often installed in ceilings or shower cubicles, but you could easily install these lights into a bathroom or built-in mirror for an even greater effect. This recessed lighting type requires the IP65 rating for bathroom installations which deems them suitable for use in damp environments. 

No matter where you choose to install your trimless recessed downlights we’re sure that you will be happy with final results. So far, we’ve solely covered uses of our downlights in the home, but there is no reason why our lights can only be used domestically. If you are a business, whether that is shop-owner or venue manager – there’s no reason why you too couldn’t consider these LED downlights for your next electrical installation. Check out our social media for proof of the incredible finished results.

ArcLED: Your One-Stop Shop for Downlight Accessories

In similar fashion to our LED light tapes. We’ve made sure to provide everything you need to get your LED recessed downlights installed and working properly. In our section dedicated to LED lighting accessories, you’ll find a whole host of extras designed to help you alter and adjust your downlights to a state of perfection. Little accessories such as plates and baffles make it possible to direct and guide the beam of light produced by your LED downlights recessed. Take a closer look at our downlight plates here to see what options you have available to you. 

Setup of this lighting type is super simple and won’t take an expert to install and get ready. Once you have cut the holes for the recessed lights linking them up should not be a problem – although let us know if you have any questions on this. Each downlight is compatible with standard GU10 bulbs. It should be noted that the fixture you purchase includes the lamp holder but not the bulb itself. We recommend checking out the stellar selection of Lumanor GU10 bulbs we have on offer. Pair together two of our best LED brands to make sure the finished effect you get is out of this world.

We hope this short guide has told you everything you need to know about LED recessed spotlights. Our team of lighting experts is here to help if you have more questions or queries on this type of LED lighting. We’ll be able to lend a helping hand on anything from lighting styling to how to ensure a quick and easy installation. Use our contact us form to easily drop us a message. If you’re interested in finding more about bespoke LED lighting services then this form is also the best way to get a quote from us.