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For a premium lighting finish, look no further than our spotless LED strips. These tapes comprise of the very best bulbs and construction materials which give the visual effect of a complete beam of light. This effect is often achieved by a larger number of bulbs per length or multiple rows of bulbs being installed onto the tape. This style is a popular type due to the increased brightness and generally enhanced visual look. With the range of spotless LED tapes, we have available you can all kinds of lighting colours, voltages and tape sizes to fit your bespoke needs. Here’s everything you need to know about our range.

Spotless LED Light Features

With all kinds of lighting and electrical fixtures, it can be hard to keep track of all the specifications and values. We’ve made it easy for you to shop for LED lights and find everything you need. Each product featured here will have its own LED spotless light specification so you can know what each light does and its requirements. From voltage needs to IP rating, you’ll be able to find out everything about the product with its included description and datasheet. Product types featured here include:

  • Ultra Narrow Spotless LED Strip: these thinner LED tapes are perfect for installations into tight spaces. Also, if you are looking for a more intense light to come from a non-visually intrusive fixture, then you’d be surprised at how subtle these narrower lights can be. Equipped with an Epistar LED chip, these tapes may have fewer bulbs per metre, but you can be reassured that they can produce an equally impressive amount of light.
  • RGB Spotless LED Tape: if you simply decide on the colour of LED tape you would like to install then why not have all of them catered for in one tape? With a controller dedicated to controlling the brightness, colour and shade of the tape you’ll be able to cycle through all kinds of colours to suit your mood or occasion. As well as each colour type know that you can also shop our single colour variations such as White, Red, Green or Blue.
  • Colour Temperature Spotless LED Tape: easily choose between different white colour temperatures when selecting your spotless LED light tapes. Ranging from very warm to cool natural lighting; you’d be surprised at how the colour temperature on a white LED can radically change the finished look of a space. Make an area visually cosier or achieve a brilliant bright white finish with one of the many shades of lights available. 

Know that each and every tape here is either own-branded or from a lighting provider whom we trust and can endorse. Each and every LED spotless light tape feature high-quality bulbs and LED chips that create some of the best light possible. Many light strips feature their CRI rating which demonstrates the accuracy and quality of the light being produced. You’ll find our tapes have an impressive rating from 90-95; so, you’re sure to be happy with the finished visual finish.

Spotless LED Lighting Tape from ArcLED

There are plenty of additional features of features that you can get from your LED tapes; especially when you know you are shopping from ArcLED. As well as these following factors being key reasons to shop LED spotless lights from us; each is true of every piece of tape you can purchase from our online store.

  • Our Bespoke LED Service: here at ArcLED, we are dedicated to bringing you the exact products you need to complete a successful and good-looking LED light setup. Our service allows you to order the perfect length of LED light tape you need. As well as getting custom-length tape, you can also get the tape pre-installed into an LED profile (see more on these below). We can sort the fitting into certain length profiles as well as ensuring basic soldering and initially connections are correctly fitted and ready to go. It makes for a simple process for you when buying online.
  • Suited for Any Scales: armed with the knowledge of what our bespoke LED service can offer; you can shop knowing that you can get the correct lengths of tape required for your project. With the ability to cut many of our tapes at small intervals you can fit the tapes into the smallest areas. Conversely, we also stock some of the longest lengths of LED tape available for purchase in the UK! This paired with our higher-voltage LED light tapes to allow for larger projects across longer areas and zones. You can find lengths of up to 10 metres available for purchase on our site.

As mentioned above, a popular installation combination with our LED spotless lights is one of our LED light profiles. After all, if you are purchasing the best kind of LED tapes you should certainly consider getting some-quality channels to install them in. These extrusions can not only complete the look but will protect and extend the lifetime of the lights. Make sure to view the full range in our dedicated LED profiles section. You can find types that can be installed into plasterboard, into the ceilings or even into the floor – the possibilities are well and truly endless!

For more information on all of the above, or to get a quote on any of the services we offer then make sure to drop us a message. Our team of LED experts are here to help with any questions you have, or to get you started with your next purchase.  We can’t wait to get you started with your spotless LED light strips, so will do what we can to help you out.