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Our LED marker lights are yet another high-quality lighting type you can enjoy when shopping online with ArcLED. The low-profile marker lights are suitable for all kinds of lighting projects that can even extend into the great outdoors. If you want your LED lighting options to be discreet and subtle, then you’re sure to find something in our range that tucks away whilst still producing a high-quality of LED light. Here is everything you need to know about our 12v LED marker lights and ideas for their use. 

This flat and compact lighting type is commonly called LED walkover lights. This is simply because these lights can fit so seamlessly into the floor. An ideal option for decking, walkways and often driveways. Don’t feel that these lights are solely for use in the floor, it is more than easy to mount these on the wall or into the ceiling. We are more than happy to provide more guidance on installation – you just need to get in touch! Or, simply head to our blog for more inspiration on how you can use walk over LED lights.  

It’s the IP44 and IP65 rating on these lights that make them suitable as outdoor ground lights. An IP65 rating means that the light is waterproofed, and IP44 is ideal for moisture-rich areas like bathrooms, shower rooms and possibly damp exterior walls. It is essential to clarify which IP rating your outdoor walkover lights have before purchase installation as you don’t want to install lights that are not designed for the wear and tear of the outside world. Feel free to contact us with any outdoor lighting queries. 

LED Flush Lighting Solutions 

Both the waterproof rating and ease of installation makes these LED marker lights perfect for decking and decked areas. Outdoor decking lighting has become a popular choice for many as it means they can show off their best features in their garden and outdoor space. You need to look no further than this range of lighting for a whole host of light temperatures and size options. We have seen truly spectacular LED decking light projects and with our range, you too can have impressive deck lighting setups. 

To ensure their suitability for outdoor use, each of these LED flush lights are complete with a top quality aluminium finish. This not only makes the lights sturdier and stronger, but it also gives you peace of mind that rust and degradation will not be a problem after installation. Visually, you can opt for the shiny and bespoke shine that an aluminium light gives, or you can opt for a white coloration if you plan to install into an all-white wall or to install these LED flush ceiling lights into coving or architrave.  

It should be noted that our range of LED marker lights are not solely for external use. Their smaller size means that they can be installed in the smallest of places and shallowest of voids within the home. It can be hugely beneficial to have a slim design as it means these lights can fit into all kinds of spaces and projects such as LED flush ceiling lights. Here are some useful ideas on where these subtle lights fit nicely in an internal environment. 

  • LED Plinth Lights – lighting for plinths is a popular option when it comes to lighting as installations can be subtle, smooth and very discrete. These lights easily be installed into kitchens for impressive downlighting from cupboards, cabinets and is ideal for fitting into the ceiling. Plinth LED lighting is certainly a more energy efficient way to power your home.
  • LED Bathroom Lighting – brilliant white lighting is a popular pick for bath and shower rooms. If you want to illuminate this space, lighting with the IP44 specification will be ideal for coping with a high-moisture environment. Consider opting a warmer light for a more relaxed atmosphere if you want your bath times to be more serene and appearing to be lit by candlelight.
  • LED Step Lights – as you can both walk over and fit these lights flush against a surface, they will make a great installation along steps and walkways. If you want to brighten up your staircase or stairwell then you can easily have these lights built into the floor on each stair. Perfect for making a statement both in and out of the house in your decking or up the main stairway. 

Since you may want to install these LED lights in tight and cosy environments, you won’t want to be fussing with small wires and fussy connections. Our marker LED lights come pre-wired and fitted with all the connections that you’ll need for a swift and successful setup. We’re all about ease and simplicity when it comes to LEDs at ArcLED. We want to provide with the best high-quality products whilst making sure that they are accessible for everyone from LED beginners to lighting experts. 

LED Low Marker Lights from ArcLED 

They may be small and compact, but rest assured that these LED side marker lights still give an impressive and brilliant lighting quality. Choose from warm, cool or natural white lights when shopping LEDs from ArcLED. It can be important to match the lighting to the space, as warmer light temperatures and even cooler shades can completely transform both indoor and outdoor spaces. You’ll be delighted to know that each light is fitted with softening glass, which can help create a muted and discreet tone of light. 

With our range of LED mark lights, we recommend checking the driver requirements for each light. Most, if not all, of our lights shown here require a 350ma constant current LED driver to allow successful wiring within a series. We want you to be able to enjoy a smooth and efficient running experience with your lights, so have made sure that the drivers you need are available to you. Either view our full range of LED drivers or check out the compatible products tab on each flat LED light product page.