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Why not step up your outdoor space or area with some stainless steel ground lights. Gardens, driveways, decking and a huge variety of indoor locations are a highly effective locations any ground light installation. Upwards lighting can superbly increase the finished look of any impressive architecture, new build or installation. Check out our best ground lights from our own-branded range of lighting to see what we have on offer. This quick guide can provide you with all the information you need to know in order to get started with this range of lighting products. 

External LED Ground Lighting 

We’ve got so many options when it comes to external ground lighting that you’ll be spoiled for choice. These lighting fixtures are specifically designed to be used in an outdoor space with their robust construction and stainless steel exterior. When installing lighting in outdoor spaces, make sure to always check for the IP rating. The IP rating of any electrical equipment shows its ability to withstand outdoor elements such as water and damp. Make sure your outdoor ground lighting has an IP of at least 67 to ensure it’s suited for use in an outdoor environment. 

There are certainly more considerations than usual when it comes to ground lighting installations. Most notably, the ability to run power to the lighting you need can be more difficult, especially if you are planning a garden installation where the lighting may be further away from a power source. If you need any assistance with your installation, then make sure to ask one of our in-house lighting experts. As well as being able to provide you with the knowledge and the know-how, we’ll be able to provide you with extra equipment such as a ground light installation tubes and lighting drivers. 

As well as all of the installation considerations above, it’s always fun to plan for and imagine the options when it comes to the ground light colours. The lighting colour range in out ground light collection is just as thorough and impressive as our indoor range. You’ll be able to install lighting from across all colours of the rainbow and switch between them with absolute ease. When you shop across the ArcLED website, you’ll find that nearly all of our options have the follow shades available: 

  • Cool White Garden Ground Lights – perfect for illuminating and dazzling brilliant white walls or external architecture. A rating of around 6000K allows for perfectly cool and crisp white lighting that certainly radiates elegance and gives a strong air of impressiveness. 
  • Warm White Garden Ground Lights – bathe your space with glorious warm white light that will bring warmth and natural glow to any of your outdoor areas. We think this warmer light setting is perfect for hosting areas such as decking, patios or sheltered communal spaces. 
  • RGB Garden Ground Lights – Why not enhance your space to new extremes with the full range of the colour light spectrum. There’s nothing quite as impressive as a full RGB visual display in your garden. Perfect for impressive new spaces for a fun new lighting addition. 

We hope this quick overview of the ArcLED LED ground lighting range has started to give you all kinds of inspiration for the kind of projects you can work on within your own gardens or outdoor spaces. For more inspiration, make sure to check out our social media platforms for more ideas, inspirations and creative ways that you can utilise our range of high-end, quality products. We find that seeing the final installations of others is the perfect way to get the creative juices flowing. 

Internal LED Ground Lighting 

There are, of course, plenty of ways that you can install ground LED lighting in an indoor environment too. Stairways, corridors or feature walls can be highly improved with a splash of upwards lighting. If you’re renovating or redecorating your space then make sure to give consideration as to whether or not now be the time to consider if an installation of ground lights are right for you. When planning your indoor ground light installation, know that these are your two options when it comes to lighting fixtures: 

  • Recessed Ground Lighting – these lights are designed to slot snugly into the ground and be flush with the floor surface. You’re guaranteed to get a slick and high-end finished look when you choose to go recessed. The installation can be more involved (as you’ll need to create larger holes for the lighting) but we’re confident you’ll find it to be worth the effort. 
  • Surface Ground Lighting – with a base plate and stand, surface ground lights are often opted for due to their comparable ease of installation and posable nature. This gives you some flexibility as it means you can alter the position and angle of the lighting to suit any changes to your indoor environment or interior set up. 

There’s so much to love about this range of lighting that is packed with so much potential. We’re sure that you’ll be able to make such great use of these stainless steel ground lighting products within a vast array of lighting and interior ideas. We’ve talked about the lighting and the effectiveness of the colour but let’s not forget the finished look of the fixture itself. You’ll find with these lights, as with all other products on the website, that the finish of the product always matches that of the LED lighting. Silver stainless steel is always a must for those in need of a high end finish. 

If you require any further assistance with your groundlights LED then please make sure to Contact Us. We have an incredible team of lighting experts who will be able to guide you around this incredible product range and show you what you need in order to get the perfect lighting set up. We’ll be able to list compatible products and help you plan everything you need in order to get the best ground light set up and final look for your lighting set up.