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Our range of plasterboard LED profiles comes highly recommended for those seeking a high-end finish for their LED setup. These extrusions allow for your LED lighting strips to sink seamlessly into their environment. They may require more planning regarding their installation compared to some of our other options, but for a premium finish, it doesn't get much better than a plaster in LED channel.

These types of lighting wall mounts are perfect if are looking to build-in your LEDs into a more permanent fixture. This kind of mounting gives an impressive finish as the plaster in LED system allows all the wiring and strips to be hidden into the wall. We highly recommend this kind of wall mount for those working on new builds or are creating new spaces for their LED lights. 

It can seem like a tricky and daunting task when it first comes to installing LED lights. Plastering in your LEDs is certainly more permanent fixture, so make sure plans and plastering skills are sorted before attempting any kind of installation. Here at ArcLED, we have a wealth of LED knowledge that we are just waiting to share with any customers. Let us tell you even more details regarding our range of plaster in LED strip lights

LED Plaster Profiles: Our Range 

Each and every one of our own-branded plaster-in recessed LED profile will be able to provide you with that slick finish you've been looking for. You can easily hide the LED strip into the wall with one of our profiles, which come in a variety of lengths and sizes. It’s easy to cut these profiles to length, so they will certainly be able to work within a huge range of projects.  

Another huge asset to our range is that each plaster in lighting profile is made from aluminium.  This means they are more resistant to degradation and corrosion once installed. As they as fixtures designed to become part of the permanent fixtures in a room, you want to make sure you have the best quality products.  

If your plans are in place for where you want your bespoke LED profiles, then we'll think you'll find product selection and installation an easy task! Here's our quick Plaster in LED Extrusion Guide.  

  1. Choose Your Plaster-In Profile – above all, it is important to make sure that you choose a plaster-able mount that fits the LED lighting strips you've purchased. We recommend using our profiles with the 8mm ArcLED strips that are available for purchase on our online store.
  2. Screw into Place - once the strip has been placed between the plasterboards, you can simply screw the channel into place. They are multiple perforations in the channel tabs so you can easily find the best way to attach the channel to its neighbouring plasterboards.
  3. Plaster Over the Outer Tabs - once secured and the LED tape is properly fitted, you can plaster over the tabs. You can skim right up the exterior of the profile for a high-quality and smooth finish. Then stand back and let the plaster dry – you’ll love seeing your finished look. 

Our plaster in profiles for LEDs come in a variety of lengths (up to 2.5m!) to allow for use in a variety of spaces. With our larger sizes, you can fit LEDs along a whole side of a wall without noticeable joins of multiple strips. You can also find plaster profile/extrusions for corner use. This angled LED channel opens up even more options on where you can use LEDs in your home or business.  

Uses for Plaster-In LED Channels 

A LED profile for LED tape can fit into all kinds of environments. Once you have seen some examples of the final results, we think you'll be more than happy to put these profiles into every room! Here are some examples on where you could install your LEDs with a plaster in profile. 

  • Coving – seamlessly light any room with the downlit ambient glow of one of our profiles. With no visible trims, wiring or behind-the-scenes equipment, you can keep everything hidden.
  • Skirting Boards - line the kickboards of your home or office space with plaster in LEDs for truly impressive effects. The lights will look purpose built and made to light the space they occupy.
  • Ceiling Lighting - create a striking ambience in any room with some plastered-in LED ceiling lights. Having built-in LEDs in the ceiling of your boardroom or foyer is sure to impress. 

If you require any guidance with your aluminium extrusion for LED strip lighting, then our team of in-house LED experts are here to help! We certainly our stuff when it comes to bespoke lighting setups and can provide plenty of information on installing LED profiles. When it comes to mounting wall profiles, it is important to make sure your measurements and installation techniques are on point as, especially with plasterboard profiles, the finished results are quite permanent and errors can often be hard to rectify.  

Above all, we think plaster-in LED strips are sure to give an impressive final finish to your LEDs. If you’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort getting your LED plans in place, then make sure to finish your vision with an incredible finish, normally reserved for the most high-end installations. It may require more planning than most installation options, but once you see the final effect we’re sure that you won’t regret it! 

You’ll be delighted to know that custom-made LED profiles are a part of our bespoke LED lighting service. As well as your LED tapes cut to size, we’ll also get your LED profiles the same length to match. This means you can get your new LED light strips delivered to you in the exact size you require! We even offer to solder and join any LED tapes if required. We want to make purchasing and installing LED lights an easy process for our customers. Make sure to check out all of the options available for plaster in LED profiles