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Our range of indoor LED lighting is sure to brighten up and improve all kinds of interior spaces. We’ve seen so many environments and rooms improved by a touch of LED lighting. Emphasize focal points, backlight your interior features or simply light your room more efficiently with some of the products from our range. Our LED indoor lights are quality products that you’ll be happy to install into your home. Not only do we stock the lights themselves, but we have lighting accessories and add-ons for your LEDs. 

The beauty of LED indoor lighting is that it has applications across all kinds of locations and even rooms in the home. LEDs can be beneficial to use anywhere from shop floor retail spaces to behind your kitchen hob! No matter if you’re a business owner or homeowner, we’re sure that you’ll find plenty of uses for our lighting. Interior lighting can vastly improve the look and feel of your space. If you are currently building or redecorating your space, we highly recommend you consider adding your own LED lights. 

Our range of indoor lighting includes a huge variety of lighting types all equally impressive in terms of features and specifications. We only stock the best at ArcLED, which is why we stock well-renowned brands such as Levello and Lumanor within our collection. Fitting in alongside our range of linear, track and marker lighting the Levello range brings you a great selection of LED spotlights indoor. As well as Levello, we are delighted to have Lumanor’s range of bright GU10 LED bulbs included in our store. 

Our Range of Home LED Lighting

You may be wondering about some of the ways you can put these lights in your home. All kinds of domestic spaces can be improved by adding some kind of house LED lighting. Not all LED lighting is industrial and simply built for efficiency. You will discover all kinds of simple and subtle lighting that will simply become a part of your home setup. Here are some of the main ways you can work LED lights into your surroundings: 

  • LED Ceiling Lights – the most common place to install LEDs, ceiling installations can range from anything from built it lighting panels to downwards lighting. Our own range of Smeaton linear lighting can be a perfect choice for ceiling lights as they can either being surface mounted or suspended. We think you’ll find LED lights a great alternative to regular halogen ceiling lights.
  • LED Wall Lights – Whether its downlights or LED strips, there are plenty of wall light options from ArcLED. It’s a popular option to brighten up feature wall with wall washers and wide beams. Whatever your plans for wall lighting we’re sure that you’ll find something to please within our range. Choose from different lighting temperatures to best suit your environment.
  • LED Floor Lights – it’s becoming more and more popular to backlight rooms and features from the floor. LED marker lights are compact fixtures that can be installed in the smallest of spaces simply due to their compact size and shallow depth. Perfect for use in walkways, stairs and all kinds of interior flooring. These marker lights make perfect additions to bathroom installations. 

You should bear in mind that these kinds of applications can range across the entire home. As well as waterproofed and moisture resistant lighting for bathroom and shower rooms, you can get plenty of variation for lighting that can be installed in the kitchen. Backlighting for cabinets and display units are perfect examples of LED lighting for home. If you really want to set the ambiance in your environment, you could even consider lights for the dining room or even use our products as bedroom lighting. 

Want to see some of our products in action before you buy? Then make sure to check out either our dedicated LED lighting blog or one of our many social media platforms. We’ve got many great examples of home lighting that can span for LED ceiling lights for living room to backlighting for kitchen units and islands. We want you to really get a feel of how our lights can look so have compiled plenty of ideas to give you your own lighting inspiration. 

Commercial Lighting from ArcLED 

Business owners often opt for LED lighting solutions such as LED track lighting for their retail spaces. The simple to install track systems can make for a quick and easy fix to any lighting woes. LED lights for business can cover everything from office locations to shop fronts and/or displays. Our high-quality lighting can provide all kinds of solutions for business owners not only aesthetically but economically – as indoor LEDs are much cheaper to run than their older halogen bulb counterparts. 

The key aspect of all of our product ranges at ArcLED is that they can come with everything you need for successful installation. This is especially true for our own-branded range of track lighting as well as accessories and equipment from Levello. If you’re new to LED lighting we’ve made sure that you’ll have everything you’ll need to make your indoor LED lighting experience a positive one. Whether it's domestic or business-based, we’ll think you’ll be delighted but the finished look of our products and how easy they are to use.  

If you are looking for LED lighting for your venue or business locality then make sure to check out everything we have to offer. Some indoor LED spotlights could vastly improve the look of any modern store or emphasize the best products in your showroom. If your boardroom or reception area could do with some improvements then perhaps LED lighting could be the answer. When it comes to indoor lighting, you can’t go wrong by shopping at ArcLED. 

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding our range of products then please make sure to contact us our online form. Our team of experts can always be on hand to offer advice on indoor lighting and help you to find all of the products you will need