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Here's everything you need to know about side bend neon flex LEDs! This lighting type is part of the ArcLED neon flex LED lighting range. Side bends differ from top bends due to the different positioning of the lightbulb on the strip. This can not only change the final look of the light bit can also affect how you set up and shape the tape. As a side bend neon flex tape, the LED bulbs are positioned to the outer curve of the tape. This means when installing on a surface, the light will spread along the surface and therefore the tape will give an almost wall wash effect. If you're considering this for your next lighting project, then here's our quick guide to get you started. 

Side Bend LED Neon Flex 

LED neon flex lighting is a lighting type where the finished effect can mimic the look of a classic neon style light. The frosted effect on the strips which surround the LED bulbs gives the look a continuous light strip with about any spotting or visible bulbs. This is proving to be a popular lighting type due to the high-end finish it gives as well as the possibility of bending and shaping the tape. Of course, this side bend tape comes with all the benefits you'd expect from LED lighting. More energy efficient and with lower running temperatures reduces energy consumption and allows for installation in a variety of locations. 

Our growing collection of LED neon flex introduces a mix of appealing and eye-catching colours. Some tones such the amber and warm white colours are sure to add warmth to wherever you choose to install them. Whilst they are no limits to where and how you install these lights; we can visualise these standing out in a homely environment or welcoming communal area. One the side neon flex lighting options with a purer, natural white light could make for a striking shop floor lighting option where a clean white light can really show off your products or enhance your public-facing window display. 

Wondering how to go about picking the correct lengths of side bend tape? We've made it possible for you to choose a wide variety of lengths all the way from 1 metre to a more impressive 15 metres. To make your selection all you need to do is choose from the drop-down list available on every side bend light tape product page. This makes it possible for you to shop LEDs for a whole variety of instalment types. Everything from home styling to venue and business lighting can be covered by the lengths available. Our long length LED tape is some of the biggest available for purchase from a UK online seller; so, for larger projects, you can be sure to rely on ArcLED. 

If you're looking to go a little more precise and need a bespoke length of side bend LED lighting options, then let us tell you about the bespoke LED lighting service we have available. We have made it possible for you to shop the exact length of side bend neon flex you need for your instalment. In case you didn't know, this service is available across our range including everything from RGB tape to white colour temperature strips. To make the most of the service, make sure to drop us a message on our contact us page. Here, you can let us know everything about your project so we can get you what you need! Our team contact page is also there if you have any questions on side bend neon flex tape

Guide to Side Bend Neon Flex Tape

As well as going through the unique features and aspects of this product were here to help with any FAQs on installation. As it differs from other lighting types available from ArcLED, neon flex can come across as being tricky to handle, especially if you're new to installing LEDs. If guidance is what you're looking for then we've included some quick tips and tricks to handling LED light tape: 

  • Handle with care - whilst light tapes themselves are often made from high quality and durable materials; they still need to be treated with care. The integrity of the bulb needs to be maintained in order for you to get the tape working and functioning at full capability. Do not stand on, or put excessive weight on the strip. 
  • Bend with care - due to the regular use of neon flex LEDs as signage, there can be a misconception that the tape will bend in all kinds of directions. However, when shaping the neon flex, ensure that you do not force the tape to bend pasts it's natural diameter. You should also not attempt to bend the neon flex tape back on itself or twist it in any way.
  • Install with care - the key to success with any neon LED side bend installation is that the tape is fitted and powered properly. You should follow all included instructions and guidance for the best setup practices. It should be regular practice to double-check specifications such as IP rating to check if the tape is waterproof and suited for fitting in kitchens and/or bathrooms. 

If you'd rather speak to a member of our team, we'd be more than happy to help with any of the points above. Our customer care team has a huge wealth of knowledge of everything from styling to soldering, we're here to help with any question you may have. A frequently asked question we can help with is regarding the extra accessories we have available. We certainly recommend checking out the clips and wiring available in our Neon Flex Accessories section so you can purchase them alongside your order of side turn neon flex tape.