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Increase the potential of your LED lighting setup with some of our high-quality 24v LED tape. Available here in single colour white LED variations, this range of tape is sure to not only look good but run efficiently and effectively. There are so many different types of 24v LED strip available, we’re here to provide as much information available on these pieces of lighting equipment. Armed with a wealth of knowledge on 24v LED, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect tape for your requirements. 

We often get asked whether 12v or 24v LED strip is what a client needs for their project. The main advantage of using 24 volts is that they are capable of powering longer lengths of LED bulbs. If you have big plans for your LED lights, then make sure they can withstand being run in such longer lengths! Paired with the correct LED driver, 24v LED striplights can easily bet set up. 

We stock reels of LEDs in a variety of lengths including 10 metres (20m – 30m are often the maximum size of run possible). This makes it a possibility to cover entire lengths of walls and corridors with one unbroken chain of 24v LED strip. We’re sure that this will make for an impressive effect, which is why you’ll want to incorporate these lights into your plans for architectural LED lighting around your home, business or venue. 

24v LED Strip Light: Single Colour Options 

Our one colour white LED strips are a popular choice of LED lighting style in businesses and in the home as they can create visually impressive effects while only using one colour. Amongst our range of single colour LED lights, you can shop for different colour temperatures of white including warm, natural and cool white shades. Pick the exact colour to match your needs or the intended environment. 

  • 24v LED Strip Warm White – a common LED lighting colour, warm white lights can really add ambience to wherever you decide to place. This orange and yellow hue will make a perfect addition to any cosy and warm setting. Perfect for any communal areas or welcoming foyers. 
  • 24v LED Cool White Bulbs – producing a cooler and crisper white light, these 24-volt strips are commonly found in areas that you really want to show off. The clearer icy blue colour really brightens up the setting allowing for a clean finish. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. 

Another colour temperature of white light is natural white LEDs, which is yet another option you can choose from our collection. Our customers are often warm white vs cool white LED. We can provide as much guidance and information as possible, but the final decision really depends on the intended environment and setting of the 24v LED lighting

Once you’ve decided on the colour of your strips, you’ll be impressed to know that there are still many features and extras to decide from. The main features include the following: 

  • 24v LED Strip Waterproof – if marked with an IP65 rating it means that the tapes are suited for outdoor use. Think big and take your LED plans to your patio and big garden displays. 
  • Spotless 24v LED Tape – fitted with extra small LED bulbs, this variation of 24v tape ensures that there no light spotting or visible shadows present along the run of LEDs. 
  • Ultra Bright LED Tape – with an increased CRI rating of 95, some of our ultra-tapes produce an even more outstanding colour. The four-row tapes give a hugely impressive effect. 

To further ease the setup and installation of your 24v LED lights, some of our strips come fitted with additional wiring and even integrated circuits. This can save extra time soldering and certainly makes the entire process an easy task for LED lighting beginners. With an already attached cable, it's incredibly simple to connect the strips to the 24v LED driver and/or power supply.  

24v LED Lighting from ArcLED UK 

We ensure the quality of each product from a simple tape connector to each and every 24v LED bulb. Without the best products, our clients simply won’t get the best effects – which is why we strive to ensure that you receive some of the best-LED lighting equipment available on the market. In our online LED shop, we have everything from a 24v LED power supply to controllers, connectors and profiles. You’ll get everything you need for LED success from us at ArcLED. 

Whilst all the LED equipment we stock is high-quality and the best of its kind, we’ll think you’ll agree that it is the quality of the LED strip lighting that has the biggest effect. All of our own-branded strips are made from top quality, commercial grade materials to ensure the longevity and durability of the strips. We are also pleased to say that each of our 24v LED bulbs is an A-rated San’an chip which comes from one of the most trusted and largest manufacturers in China. 

Once you’ve seen our collection of tapes and bespoke LED options, we think you won’t want a 24v LED lamp but instead will start planning on ways of working these lighting options into your home. As a company and as a team, here at ArcLED, we have over 60 years of combined experience in dealing with LED lighting. This means we are more than equipped and happy to help with questions. 

Our bespoke tailoring service means you can get your single colour tape cut to exact size and delivered to you in fast and speedy fashion. Not only we will cut the tapes as per your plans, but we can deal with any soldering that you may want on the tapes. We can mount them in any given profile, so all you’ll need to do when the tapes arrive is set up the power and mount appropriately – it's that simple. 

If you want a little more colour variation in your LED setup then make sure to check out our sections dedicated to 24v RGB LED tape as well as RGBW and RGBWW variations. By being able to handle a greater voltage this type of LED lighting tape cannot only expand greater lengths but can produce a larger variety of colours.