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Ultra-performance LED lights offer an enhanced experience from your LED lighting in terms of light level and energy efficiency. These powerful LED strip lights don’t come at the electricity cost of regular bulbs but do offer fantastic consistent lighting wherever you choose to use them. The bright lighting in this series will allow you to add stunning illumination to your space however, with a dimmable option, you can adjust this to a lower level at times when you would prefer more relaxed mood lighting.

Like most LED strip lighting, the lights must be installed in an aluminium profile. This essential step acts as a heat sink for your lights meaning that the heat will be absorbed into the aluminium profile to keep the LEDs from overheating. It also acts as a barrier between your lighting and dust, debris, or even human contact. As you can see, this safety guard is an important step to consider when installing your LED lighting.

If you need any assistance or would like to learn more about the bespoke LED lighting options we have available, talk to a member of the Arc LED team. Our service includes UK manufactured products and made-to-measure bespoke light fittings as well as a huge range of LED lighting and accessories so you will have everything you need to set up your new system. From power supplies to casing to your chosen LED lights. 

While ultra-performance LED strip lighting remains popular commercially, it is also hugely appealing to homeowners. It provides bright and consistent lighting throughout your room or house and is usually more energy efficient than other types of traditional light. The lifespan of LED lighting is much longer than traditional bulbs so you are likely to spend much less time and money replacing your lighting. With the ultra-performance series, you can expect bright lighting that is consistent from the start of the strip to the end as well as an energy efficient performance that could save you money in your home.

In addition to these features, many of the LED strip lighting options come in a range of colours or with changeable lighting features so you can set your light exactly how you would like. 

The ultra-performance LED lights are available in cool white, natural white, and warm white.

  • Ultra Performance Cool White LED Lights: The cool white LED lighting is the brightest in the collection, offering fresh and vibrant lighting throughout your space. This colour is perfect for drawing attention to displays or specific areas such as doorways. For a fresh overhaul in your space, cool white will give you a dazzling effect.
  • Ultra Performance Natural White LED Lights: The Natural White LED lights offer a compromise between cool and warm white. The slightly more gentle colouring still has the fresh vibrancy of the cool white tone without the super bright finish. If you need to use your room for working on projects, this lighting offers great visibility to help you see finer details.
  • Ultra Performance Warm White LED Lights: Warm White LED lighting gives a cost glow to your space that can create a great ambience at restaurants, pubs, and theatres. The warm white colour has beige and yellow tones to give a soft effect from your lighting that is perfect for adding to big spaces to give an intimate feel.

Are LED strips good for lighting?

Choosing high quality LED strips will provide good lighting in your space. High-performance but low energy LED lighting is bright and consistent throughout the LED strip and is designed to last. This bright lighting solution is often available in a range of colours so you can create the ambience that you like from warm white to multicoloured options.

Do LED strip lights waste a lot of electricity? 

LED lighting is a great swap if you are looking for an energy efficient lighting solution. Traditional lighting can waste a lot of electricity without giving you results whereas LED strip lights have bright even tones that bring brightness to the entire room. 

The ultra-performance LED lights series includes ultra bright lighting that ranges from 2700k up to 6500k. In lumens, that is up to 3240lm/M so if you are looking for a bright lighting solution then this series can offer top illumination without the energy rating of a regular bulb. If you find at certain times of the day you prefer a lower lighting level then choose one of our dimmable lights to adjust your LED lighting to suit.

Create your own designs in your business space or home. Many of the lights available at Arc LED are suitable for indoor and outdoor use so you can light up any space that you choose. Popular uses for ultra performance LED strip lighting include highlighting any areas for safer navigation of your commercial space such as lighting doorways, low ceilings or walkways, staircases, or corridors. 

Alternatively, LED strip lighting can help you to create feature lighting by designing eye-catching billboards, displays, and inviting entryways or walkways. This fun lighting offers a timeless look that can be changed instantly if you choose one of our ultra performance LED strip lights with additional colour options.

In the home, ultra LEDs will find a place in most rooms thanks to its versatile and flexible design. Some products are suitable for use in bathrooms and spas. A classic look with LED strip lighting is to place it in rooms that are regularly used for entertainment such as games rooms, living rooms, or dining rooms.