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12V Dimmable Drivers

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Our range of 12v LED Dimmable Drivers is exactly what you'll need to look at if you want to regulate the brightness/intensity of your LED lights. If you have a serene or secluded setting in mind for your LED lighting setup, then having dimmable LED can really help to set the ambience. Decrease the intensity and soften the mood by dimming the LED to properly match the atmosphere. Having a properly fitted, mains dimmable LED driver 12v can really help you to unlock more options on how you use your lights. 

These drivers can also be known as mains dimmable drivers or AC phase-cut drivers. Most of the 12v drivers are more often than not suited to work off light fittings, but it is essential to check this before purchase and installation. These drivers are able to regulate the amount of voltage being transferred into the LED tape and into the bulbs. As well as dimming, a 12v dimmable LED driver can work at sequencing colour-changing LED setups.  

When it comes to dictating the brightness of an LED bulb, the voltage will not have an effect. Instead, a typical LED dimmable driver is able to fluctuate the power to make the bulb appear not as bright. It is essential to find the right LED driver to dim your lights as choosing the incorrect voltage could lead to overpowering and blowing out your LED lighting tape. Our guide to dimmable drivers LED will cover all you need to know about this specific kind of driver, how to install it and knowing which ones to buy. 

12v LED Dimmable Drivers

As with the process of buying a standard LED driver, you need to consider the requirements of your lights before purchase and installation. This is the same for dimmable LED drivers, where you will need to determine the exact voltage required to efficiently and safely power your lights. Think of your LEDs as delicate pieces of technology which need very specific conditions to work at their very best.  

Our range of 12v dimmable drivers provide a constant voltage output, so make sure to clarify this on the types of LED tapes that you are purchasing. When it comes to installation, the driver can often be connected to a regular wall switch, but make sure it is a low loaded dimmer that is compatible for use with an LED driver. If you have questions on what is compatible for installation with your new LED driver then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help. 

Reduce energy consumption by only taking the correct amount of power needed to light up the LED bulbs. Regular light switches are designed to power strong wattage bulbs, so it is essential to get the exact driver required to power your LED lights. If you don't get the right LED driver dimmable, your LEDs may experience blowouts or overheating. In some instances, you will experience some visual colour shift where the lights do not give out their intended colour. It can also be possible to note a dimmed low-light output if the driver is incorrect.  

Benefits of Our Dimmable LED Drivers 12v 

Our range of dimmable drivers features renowned LED lighting brands such as Ecopac. The products in our selection promise high performance that will allow you to easily install and use your LEDs. There are many kinds of LED drivers for lighting you can use alongside your LEDs, but we always recommend purchasing from tried and tested products. Here are some of the handy features available on our driver products offer the following benefits when in use: 

  • Over 85% Efficiency – when planning to use any electrical appliance in your home, business or venue it is always a reassurance to see a higher efficiency rating. This means you can power dimmed LEDs and taping strips without a wasting energy and upping the running costs.
  • Cooling by Air Convection – if in constant use, it can be common for your LED lights and often their drivers to overheat. Our range features drivers that allow air to freely pass through them keeping them cool and working at their optimum temperature. 
  • Lightweight, Self-Contained Casing – these devices are made small and compact so they can fit comfortably into your setup. These small drivers will easily slot into place as you install your new LED lights.  

An additional feature worth being aware of when you purchase dimmable switches is whether or the LED Driver you are purchasing is classed as a TRIAC driver. TRIAC dimmable LED drivers are these specialized drivers are specifically designed to work from mains-powered dimmable wall switches. The 'TRIAC' phrasing comes from this kind of device being a triode for alternating current. Not only does this appliance regulate the current flow sufficiently, but it also has the ability to function more efficiently at a lower power – ideal for the lower power required when using dimmed LED lights. 

When installed, these TRIAC drivers can help to vary the overall light output from 1 to 100%. This means you can up the intensity of your LEDs to full brightness, or you can opt for a softer and muted effect with a dimmer option. If you have 12v light strips but don’t require a dimmer setting then make sure to take a look at our 12v LED Driver section. 

It important to know that, in reality, LED bulbs in 12v LED dimmable strip lights don't actually dim, they are essentially only 'on' for a lesser amount of time. The power is regulated to them is often being turned and off, but you just can't see this happening – it's just too fast! It can be useful to know this fact as if you see that your LED lighting is flickering, you know that this power regulation isn't working as it should be and it may be time to upgrade to one of our own 12v constant voltage dimmable LED drivers