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Lutron Electronics - RA2 Select - Lutron Vive System
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Introducing this incredible lighting and automation range from Lutron. This brand can help you to bring the ultimate smart lighting experience to your home, business, or office space. This form of dynamic LED lighting is programmed to work with you to create seamless light transitions as you go about your day to day. Thanks to the Lutron lighting products, we have available, you’ll be able to create beautiful lighting scenes with the ability to change between them at the tap of a finger. No matter your skill level when it comes to lighting, we think you’ll be able to get to grips with Lutron in no time at all.

Here’s our guide on everything we sell from the Lutron lights range. There’s plenty to choose from and plenty to learn so if you have any additional questions or need some more assistance with your order then please make sure to contact our team for any assistance with your product or project. The best way to contact us is through our help form so one of our team can get back to you.

Lutron Lighting Control from ArcLED

The crux of this product range we stock is of course the Lutron dimmer switch. These panels feature satisfying chunky buttons that act as the central hub for your smart home lighting. If you want to take manual control of your lighting, you can do so through these hand-held dimmer switches (that you can mount on a wall if you wish!). As well as acting as a Lutron light controller these handy switches are also capable of controlling smart blinds to add another layer to your lighting control.

Each of the Lutron scene controllers are designed for different spaces and set ups. You’ll notice that as well as the variety of button colours, shapes, and sizes that each button features a different icon to represent the different scenes you could set up. If you wanted, to set up your Lutron light system to be ready to flick between a calming environment to a brighter scene ready for hosting, opening the shop floor of your business or even something like welcoming guests into your home.

When shopping around you will probably see some of the following range names and sub-brand definitions. So that you can demystify the main terms we’ve summarised them here just for you!

  • Lutron RA2 Select: this popular piece of tech allows you as the user to take control of your lighting and blinds from the comfort of your Lutron switch, smart phone, or smart home device. The simple-to-use and innovative approach to home lighting can be set up in a flash and is designed to give you ultimate control even just from the tap of an app. We have a whole section dedicated to the RA2 Lutron range which we highly recommend visiting.
  • Lutron Vive: the group of products and components that can make your lighting set up even smarter and even more automated. The Lutron Vive app acts as a controller and can make it possible for you to automate even more lighting scenes, scenarios, and processes from your smart device. Use your phone or tablet to easily change between different lighting settings and moods. The app is easy to setup and use you’ll be automating everything in no time.

All this power and control is made possible with some of the amazing technologies Lutron have made available in their products. Lutron come highly rated within the lighting industry. A lot of the Lutron magic happens through the Lutron Vive hub which acts as the central point of connectivity between the lighting and the controllers. You’ll find that some of the starter units allow connectivity between up to 75 devices with a range of up to 22 metres. This could help cover smart bulbs and smart lighting across a large business premises or even across venues, bars, or restaurants.

Lutron Smart LED from ArcLED

We’ve got everything you need to build your very own Lutron lighting kit. These kits include everything you’ll need to get started with your next lighting project. A typical Lutron kit can include a selection of Lutron products that you’re going to want to get to grips with before you purchase. Here are some of the Lutron products we have available and a little extra about each and how each one fits within the Lutron light setup that you’re probably going to be replicating very soon. 

  • Lutron Pico Controllers: these are the central component of a Lutron lighting setup as they act as the main controller lighting, blinds and flicking between smart pre-set scenes.
  • Lutron In-Line Dimmers: dimmers can help to adjust the intensity of the lighting and ensure the brightness is perfect for the environment, mood, and atmosphere of your space.
  • Lutron In-Line Switches, Lutron PowPaks & Lutron Sensors: all different product types that you can use alongside other lighting and blind control products. 

Lutron Blind Control

The Lutron system takes all light sources into consideration no matter whether its natural or electrical lighting. One doesn’t always consider how natural lighting may affect the space where the lighting is being installed. Lutron can help you to achieve a perfect balance between the two primary light sources with controllers that can influence the finished look of your space. Lutron blinds are yet another fantastic product that you should certainly consider adding to your lighting plans.

If you need any Lutron Home Automation assistance, then our team are here and ready to assist with any queries or enquiries you may have on our product ranges. We’ve got a strong team of lighting and industry experts on hand to help you with your lighting needs. To get in touch, all you need to do is drop us a line through our Contact Us form. We’ll be able to assist you with your lighting project and any bespoke LED lighting you require.